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Bon Voyage :-)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Well it is with great sadness I bid you all a goodbye for a few weeks.......
    NOT :LOL: :p

    if anyone needs me i'll be here

    Not looking forward to the drive to Syd and back but the inbetween should be fun :twisted:

    I'll send a few postcards and put a few pic's up on here to keep you all informed of my ...... um..... soaking up the sun and consuming mass quantitys of alcamahol , oh and perving

    So Nadeen and I wil see you all just after Easter :)

  2. Bob and Nadeen, I hope you both have a wonderful time. You both deserve a break after recent events and what better way to do it :grin:
    Have fun guys and Bob, I will be expecting that PM ;) :LOL:
  3. oh damn you shouldn't build people's hopes up like that only to shatter then a few lines further down :LOL:

    have a great trip..... and make sure you bring back some good shoots of the boobs.......

    ah i mean views ;)
  4. Good stuff!!!! :grin: :grin:
    I hope you both have a wonderful, relaxing time!!
    As Flip' said .. ya sure deserve a bit of "time out" given recent events Bob ... enjoy mate!!!
  5. Indeed, matey, have a relaxing time leaving the cares of the world behind.

    When I'm on holidays there's three things I don't do.

    I don't wear a watch
    I don't shave
    and I don't turn on my mobile phone

    works for me
  6. Have a wonderful and safe time Bob & Nadeen!

    Catch up with you after Easter.

    Feel free to give the kids my number if they need anything!

    Hope the house is in one piece when you get back.

  7. Have a good one! hope it stays nice and sunny, and the water is as smooooove as silk!

    Well, I don't own a watch
    Shave was always "optional" once I left the army (after 21 years I'm sooo over shaving :wink: )

    Mobile is a neccessity for family comms, but they group that holds "work" callers goes to silent nanoseconds after I leave the desk :twisted:

  8. have fun + enjoy!!! :)
  9. Hope you have a fantastic time. Looking forward to seeing all your pics when you come back. (well maybe i don't need to dee all your pics. ;))
  10. Hey Bob have fun & dont forget the boogey board :grin:
  11. That looks like the perfect way to relax!

    Have a great time, and don't forget the motion sickness pills! :LOL:
  12. You'll have fun. I went on a P&O Cruise for 12 days back in 2001. It was great fun and you can always find things to do on the boat...in between being drunk that is. And of course there are plenty of bars to help hold you up. :)

    Cheers :beer: