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Bon Voyage bcskidog!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bond Girl, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Have a safe trip home Scott, hope you take home as many good memories of us as you leave us with so many good memories of you! Look forward to continuing the posts when you get home!

  2. Have a good trip Scott, I hope your run along the GOR went according to plan. Don't forget to tell all your friends and pop back in here from time to time.
  3. Yeah mate, keep in touch.

    It's your responsibility to now set up a Canadian chapter so that we can visit from time to time... :p
  4. Safe travels mate - hope to see you again some day!
  5. Bon voyage Scott!

    Bon chance!

    We'll have to catch up when I head to Vancouver next year.
  6. Cya Scott, it was great meeting you and you know you have a place to crash if ever you come back to Aus. I hope you enjoyed your time here. :D
  7. Good to meet you, Scott. Get home safe and be sure to tell everyone how great Oz is, we love tourist dollars :LOL: !

    See you next time you get down here :D .
  8. Great to have met ya Scott, hope you'll be back soon :D
  9. Safe trip back Scott :)
    Be sure to log back in here often, and pass the word around over there about netrider too!
  10. bon voyage

    yeah, it was great meeting u Scott
    (even though the first time was in the dunny)?
    Have a good trip home mate,
    cya :)