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Bomb Scare on Bourke St Melbourne

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Geordielass, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. Bets are on:


    Some box someone stashed of pinched stuff

    Someones idea of a joke.

    An early valentines surprise package is causing a stir

    A real bomb

    A bunch of love letters sent to George Bush from John Howard that the government meant to burn but instead left it in unused space

    Johnny-O's stolen bike dismanted.

    The server for Netrider.. Countdown until it goes offline. 5..4..3
  2. So they're suspicious of it because they don't know what it is? I'm really concerned at this point. :roll: :LOL:

    Unlikely to be more suspicious than a paper bag containing a tuna sandwich accidently dropped in the corner my a hung over employee in his/her late rush to the office. :grin: Mind you, if it's left long enough while the cops play "Guess the Contents" that tuna could become very suspicious indeed. :LOL:
  3. Someone's dropped their back pack even money bet. Well I bloody well hope so I work in the CBD :shock: :shock: :shock:
  4. My mate rang me from the tram stuck in the city and not moving saying 'somethings going on in Bourke Street' - anyone trying to make their way throught the city is gonna have a nightmare for a while...

    Apparently been 'checking the scene' from this morning - but hopefully will be over and back to normal asap...otherwise traffic gonna be nightmare and drivers might be less even tempered on the roads :cry:


    Seems like everything worked out ok in the end :grin: Streets should be back to normal soon woohoo.. :grin:
  5. No, the box fell off the back of a motorcycle courier bike while he was lane splitting down one of the corridors on the third floor.

    This is obviously just another Rider Down thread and should be deleted immediately :rofl:
  6. OMG i saw a sus looking guy entering that building with a suitcase this morning, should i call the terrorism hotline??
  7. WOW did the courier actually fall off with the box on the back? Maybe some weird weight distribution causing it to rock off. Maybe after the crash he made a getaway and left the box which caused the scare? :p