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BOM got it wrong

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mav, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. the Bitches of Meteorology (www.bom.gov.au) predicted rain today, and although it was grey as this morning with a bet of wet tarmac, the sun is shining right now...arrrggggh could've rode to work this morning! wasted $13 on a train ticket to be sandwiched between two fat snorting business men on the effin train.

    lucky i had a book with me to whack them in the back of the head if they got too close, lol it's funny when they apologise but i'd still should've taken the bike.

    -1 for me

  2. Horses for courses, but I can't remember the last time I didn't enjoy the train.

    And yes, it rained this morning.
  3. It rained in the city and eastern suburbs. The BOM actually said it would rain mostly in the coastal areas. They got it right. :p

    But yes, you could have rode to work. A little rain isn't to be feared. Just get a good rain coat.
  4. I had to use the train last night. Rode home like a madman (hi whoever you were on the KTM! You were awesome!) and jumped in the cage to take it to the shop to get a service, and then trained it home.

    Experienced trudging to the train station, standing on the platform for 15 minutes bored out of my tree, trying to get a packet of chips out of a vending machine (which didn't work) so I called the company and reported it. Train arrives. Its full. I squeeze in, and it smells of a sweet mixture of stale sweat, vomit and failed dreams. A few stops down the line, I get a seat upstairs next to some kids talking about Starcraft 2. It amuses me that I understand what they're talking about. The stench of vomit is stronger. I get off the train, and walk home, though I cannot walk a direct route because there is a ruddy great big fence that blocks off a direct path to my building from the park. I have to double the distance to get home.

    A trip that on the bike would take 15 minutes took about an hour.

    Yeah, I don't miss the train at all, either.
  5. You could have ridden to work anyway, regardless of the weather forecast. $25 Worth of yellow plastic waterproofs from a workwear shop would see you right. Or, if you get caught without them, getting wet ain't the end of the world.
  6. That's why you pick your battles properly. I usually let two or three trains pass to catch my usual. Last time I didn't have a seat was never, normally even get a window seat. The trip home is normally guaranteed sleep as well.
  7. You should have ridden anyway.
  8. My approach to the BOM is to assume the exact opposite of what ever they report. It's a winning formula that just can't be beat!
  9. it raining a plenty in the sth of syd at the moment, bom were on the money
  10. Epic story chrome, reminds me of some old books I used to read. Keep em coming=D>=D>
  11. Who's laughing now?
  12. Chrome, that is so film "noirish" I'm seeing every movie with a "gumshoe, hard boiled private detective with a blonde dame on his lap" ever made !!!
  13. hehe, very reminiscent of Marv in sin city and Tracer Bullet in calvin and hobbes.

    "Worth killing for. Worth Dying for. Worth going to hell for. Amen."
  14. But my desire to get home was even stronger. Graffiti covered the stairwell. "Humpty Dumpty was pushed" said one scrawl. I coulda told them that. I looked out the streaky glass window. Rain fell, sounding like a thousand fingers drumming on the glass. How could they get it so wrong?

  15. Given the thread title and the OP complaining about the lack of rain, you might consider revising.
  16. well i manned (is that how you spell it??) up today and rode in the rain all the way across the city to work...

    and it bloody felt good!

    Note to Self: wet weather gloves are fantastic at insulating + deflecting wind and rain, however must adjust style to suit thicker material...
  17. forecast? I just look at the radar

    then, i put on my gear and go for a ride regardless