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Bolwell VS125 Oil and Oil Change

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by MangaGal, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Hi guys
    I'm new to riding. I've got a Bolwell (Sym) VS125. Last week was my first time taking the scooter to a service. I'm not familiar with the motorcycle oil lingo. From memory the Bolwell manual recommends 20w50 engine oil. I looked at the invoice from the mechanic, they've used 10w40. Does it make a difference? I'm worried it does because I feel the engine is a bit noisier than before it was serviced. And it's a bit more dragging going up hill.

    I know it's recommended to change the oil every 1000km and that's like every 2 months for me. I'm thinking of learning how to change the oil. It's still under warranty but the previous owner used to change oil himself so I didn't see the difference I would make.

    The mechanic told me that VS125 doesn't need an oil filter change because it has one inside. I just need to clean it and pop it back in. Is this true?

    Any info will be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  2. I know a lot of the cheaper Asian scooters have crazy service intervals, and the VS is obviously one of them if they recommend 1,000km services. Presumably cheaper components is the reason they want oils changed so frequently, which suggests that things may not last well at all if the scoot is exposed to much wear. So in that case i'd stick to the regular oil changes.

    First things first - usually, to keep your warranty, you must have the bike serviced by a proper mechanic. So check that out before you start doing things yourself.

    I have no idea about the specifics of the VS, but generally the way it works is you would replace the oil filter say every second oil change.

    Put simply - crap builds up in the oil which is inside your engine. The cleaner you can keep it, the better things will be. So you certainly wont do any harm by changing the oil yourself in between services. It may be excessive, but certainly not a problem.

    Re the specifications of the oil - I would absolutely stick to exactly what the user manual for your scoot says. Most of the time a manual will give you a range of oils you can use depending on what is available and what conditions you ride in.
  3. Crazy service intervals? show me a manual that doesn't state an oil change within the first 1k of riding..

    all they have done is used an oil where it's viscosity is more optimal at lower temps. meaning its quickly effective especially in colder temps.

    most people change their oils @ 500k or 1000k because there is allot of containment found in the oil as the engine is broken in.

    Putting in too thin or viscous oil such as synthetic oils will cause glazing in your cylinder and that can be bad.

    now my personal opinion would be to clean the filter and use non-synthetic oil.. and in your case I think 10w40 is ok.

    As the bike loosens up it does get louder but in regards to the loss of power delivery my guess is they have tuned it to run rich. You could get them to run it lean again but you might find it takes awhile to start running smooth.

    BTW my partner owns a vs125 and they are a great everyday scoot! its just on 2500km

    Hope this is helpful
  4. Who said anything about just the first 1,000km? You fail at reading. She said "I know its recommended to change the oil every 1,000km"....so yeah I think "crazy service intervals" is a fair description for that. Now, I'm assuming she was correct when she said that, so i guess i could be wrong there. Assuming it does say to change the oil every 1,000km i'd actually say thats pretty pathetic and completely rediculous. Your average rider in Australia would probably have to get the scoot serviced up to 10 times a year.
  5. The manual suggests to check the oil every 1k
    change intervals are 1k and 2.5k

    Sorry I did miss read the op
  6. first of all, i dropped my scoot today. :evil:
    this is the 2nd time i did that. i'm soooo annoyed with myself. it's just the timing i think. i've got a knee injury right now on my right knee. and i couldn't hang on to it on my RHS. so i collapsed with the scoot. ARGH!!!!! long story... the RHS of the scoot is so scratched. i'm just so annoyed (and my knee is a bit sore now).

    anyway, thanks for all the comments. i really appreciate it.

    the service manual does say check the oil every 1000km and top it up if require. as far as i know, the oil was changed roughly 1000km before the indicator turned red. so i just assumed it would do that (turning red) every 1000km. by the way, is it important to always follow the engine oil change indicator?
  7. No, its a mechanical device that rolls over every 1k to remind you to check it. just check then reset it with your key.

    sorry to hear about your drop.
  8. OK, that's good news.
    What exactly am I looking for when I check the oil? I did it before but I wasn't sure what was I supposed to look at. Can you please tell me? :)

    Oh, and how do I reset it with the key? I've looked at the manual but I don't understand it. :oops:
  9. on the right side near the engine you will find the oil cap (white), when you pull this out it has a measuring indication (like a dipstick). just make sure there is enough oil in the engine.

    To reset the indicator you push your key in the slot just below the instrument panel. its a slot in the center facing you when your on the bike.

  10. Thanks.
  11. I work part-time in a dealership that sells Sym VS125s. The first service is at 500kms then every 2500kms after that. The 1000km reference in the Bolwell manual is not correct for Australia and you won't void the warranty following the 2500km service pattern.

    Anyone can do your services, provided they keep records and use genuine parts. But there's more to a service than changing the oil and cleaning the various filters (including the oil strainer, the thing that substitutes for a canister filter). The transmission needs to be stripped, cleaned, lubricated and reassembled for optimum performance. We see trade-ins that have had plenty of money apparently spent on services but many jobs were never done.

    Your VS can last a good long time but get the service work done properly. Your warranty depends on it, and you protect your investment. With 2500km service intervals it might be more affordable for you.

    Good scooter. Have fun.
  12. Thanks.
    By the way, since you work in a dealer, do you know if it's possible to get some touch-up paint for the scoota? I'm thinking of touching up the scratches on the side (where I dropped it).

  13. Re touch-up paint; I don't know. The service department looks after that stuff. Your local dealer should be able to help. But I'll try to remember to ask next Saturday.
  14. Good info, thanks for clearing that up.