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Bolwell vs Bug

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Ray, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Hi there,
    I have been checking out these forums in the hope that they will help me decide which 50cc scooter to buy.

    I like the retro style and feel that it is between the: Bolwell Mio, Bolwell Retro or Bug Pronto

    I would appreciate any feedback regarding the reliability, safety or performance of these scoots.
    Does anyone have a recommendation between the three?


  2. g'day Ray

    the Mio and Retro are physically small while the Pronto is one of the bigger 50cc scoots. SO that might have some baring on your decision.

    personally, i would stay away from the Mio because it is a 4-stroke. 4-strokers are great, but on a 50 they are just too underpowered. All 50cc's really need to be 2-stroke because with such a little engine you really need every little scrap of power you can.
  3. Have done many miles on Retro and Mio and Jolie (similar engine as retro). Great scoots. Also the support and service was good. The retro is a single-seater, the Mio is surprisingly quick for a 4-stroke, about as quick as the 2-stroke was, which is REALLY unusual.
    4stroke has the benefit of not needing constant topups of oil.
  4. Thanks for your feedback.

    It's conflicting - but all very helpful in my research.

    Any one else got any preferences?
    Count down to purchase day... 3 days to go!

  5. I meant to explain that Duffman is right in almost all cases, MOST 4-stroke 50cc are as slow as a wet week. Strangely enough the Mio wasn't. It was pretty quick, faster than some 2-strokes (although not quite as fast as some).
    Don't ask me how they managed that.
  6. Try & check the features too, for example, the Mio got a good extra feature like the anti-theft switch (didn't believe it that they forgotten to put 1 in a Jolie grr)...& then get the 1 that's already been de-restricted like my Jolie can flatten out a crappy porsche when we accelerated right with the traffic lights change (after that he's beaten me though :LOL: ). My pride & joy can go up to 70kmph no problems @ all & it's so zippy that some car drivers literally freaked out everytime we all stopped.:p (thinking about modding it with a semonini bore & all for that 70cc kick + street fighter headlight)

    (Have you checked the other Bolwell scoots too, even the Red Devil, PMX Naked & Gypsy are really well built too). Bolwell really outdone themselves with their range of scoots.
  7. I've harped on about this point quite a bit in other threads but i'll say it again - dont try and buy a scoot from behind your computer screen, the decision needs to be made after you've test ridden as many as you can. Get on it and go for a spin, even a quick trip down the road and you will quickly get a feeling for it, especially if you can compare it to the other scoots you've tested.
  8. I agree completely - I've been doing as many test rides as I can!

    (fun too!)
  9. Well, I made my purchase and am very happy with it.

    I jumped on a Bug Pronto and the feeling was instant - the larger size, better suspension and bigger seat and wheels felt much better than the Mio or Retro. With a four year waranty, I presume it is a well made scooter and if not - it's their problem anyway.

    So I have been happy joy riding around on it (even with my 6 foot 3, 100kg husband on board) for the last three days and having a fantastic time - even in the rain. :grin:

    thanks heaps for the advice
    see you out there! :p
  10. You'll be happy for a long time with the BUG. A 4yr unlimited Km warranty will give you piece of mind.