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Bolwell VS 125

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by polarwarp, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Any have any info on this scooter? Its due to be released in Aus soon and seemed to have some nice features but I'm not sure about things like:
    - top speed? will it go comfortably 80, can I go on the freeway?

    It fits my budget but I want to make sure that it will go the speed limit in at least 80 zones so I'm not a menace!!

    The dealer seemed to be suggesting that it was the replacement of the Arriba 125 - but then couldn't tell me how they differed, especially since the Arriba 125 new was like $1k more than what they're saying the VS is.
  2. mate, i guess if the scoot isnt out in OZ yet, then people aren't going to know much about them.

    where are you getting your info from? link?
  3. yeah sure you can quote the specs from the manufacturer but i was really referring to you asking things like "can i go 80" and "can i go on the freeway". Those sorts of "real life" type questions would really have to wait until the bike is here and you personally can go test one.

    One things for sure mate, at $3g's it looks on the surface to be a very good deal. \:D/

    edit: will also be interesting to see how it looks in full ADR compliant mode. With all scoots of that style there is the risk that the front indicators are too close together, which means our ones will be lumped with those ugly added on ones which hang below the bars.
  4. Ah yeah thanks - I'd also gotten told by one place that they'd sold out on their first batch so if I was really keen to come in and put down a deposit.
    Which I've decided not to do as I really want to know how it compares with the other 125s I've been looking at.

    I've also been hearing some bad stuff about the speedos on the bolwells not sure if it affects all bolwells, all other brands as well.
  5. have you already got your license?
    If yes, then get out there and test ride all the 125's you can get to. Its really the only way to tell what they're like.
  6. Yeah I have my Learners.. but as I'll be buying from the city most likely I am not comfortable with test rides on such busy streets! I want to get comfortable with my new scooter in local familiar streets (and if anyone wants to shoot me down - just remember that everyone is different ;)) So will be relying on reviews, and sitting on them stationary - not ideal but I don't think I'll go too wrong with the feedback I've gotten.
  7. New Bolwell 125 looks very good. $3000, OMG, why do maufacturers do this too their customers. I paid $4000 for my 05' 125 Arriba, so when I go to trade it in, or sell privately, it's now going to be worth sweet FA. Anyway, it looks to have put on a few kilos in the pictures, so I hope performance hasn't suffered.
  8. I know what you mean, it can be a bit daunting at first dealing with the traffic in the big smoke if your not used to it. But you dont have to ride it down a main road on a test ride. Just jump on and scoot down a few back roads, you wouldnt have to go over 40-50km/hr. It really would be well worth teh effort to get out there and test them. But you do what you gotta do i suppose. Either way i'm sure you'll enjoy it once you've got it.
  9. Hey Polarwarp
    Have you test ridden the VS125 yet? I'm thinking of buying the same bike. I heard that they are in the shops this week.
  10. Not yet!! Waiting on a dealer getting one so I can see it in person! :)

    ScooterHQ has written a review about it - and there's now more information about it on the Bolwell site. On the scooter sales website they have the pictures I think from Taiwan of the colours.. the chick in the nurses outfit on the white cracks me up :) (but also makes me shake my head!)
  11. tell you what.... thats a pretty nice looking scooter and the price is right...if you're that way inclined

    and top speed? If you look at the dial it can do 140!!!!! (dials never lie) :grin:
  12. Awesome! Thanks for the link to the VS125 review on ScooterHQ. I was going to buy the Vmoto Monaco but I reckon the Bolwell will be a better buy. The white version looks pretty cool... but I would imagine it would look dirty pretty quick.
    I will check it out at the shop this weekend. I'll also ask about the nurse :)
  13. I just got back from ScootaCity on Elizabeth Street. They say that the VS125 is arriving tomorrow. They are getting 2 of each colour... so we won't have to fight over them Polarwarp :p
  14. Nice scooter :)
  15. Soooooooooooooooo?

    Did anyone buy one???
  16. did i buy a vs 125?

    :grin: You bet I did!!
    I love it!
    And I am worndering if there are any others besides Philride and myself that are the happy owners of this new and delightful machine!
    Bonni.. check em out.. they feel so good.. one up: two up; fast, slow, stacks of room for gear.. this summer is going to be a blast!
  17. Bought one of these last week. So far it has been extremely handy with the amount of luggage space.
    Performance wise the 125cc single takes about 200 kms to start loosening up. Off the line has only a moderate lag, but it has a fairly smooth powerband.

    Accelerates fairly fast up to about 80 kph. However as probably with all scooters, you need maintain engine rev’s or loose all accelerating power.

    Oh, lean angle, getting close to 40, but get some slipping. She will hit twisties at about 70 kph, before significant loss of traction.

    Will post some pics and have a better review soon!
  18. It's good to hear about these scooters. I was going to buy a MadAss, but then I discovered the VS 125 and I'm leaning towards practicality and better performance.

    I want something that will sit comfortably at around 90 without reving its guts out. As I have no experience with bikes, I don't know what to expect from a 125cc engine and scooter gearbox, so feedback about this aspect would be awesome.

    The GMax 150 seems to be only marginally more powerfull than the VS 125, but perhaps it has a higher cruising speed. It's a moot point, though, because I can't afford the 150. If I could, I would definately get that.

    Good to see that this has plenty of storage space.
  19. more on the VS125

    troo what you said ProPilot about the loosening up after 200kms.. didnt it feel good as it began revealing itself?
    I like the Mod Lag... as a new rider it gives me a moment to compose myself.
    I also appreciate that u dont have to rev the ring out of it to get good usable power.
    But about the twisties.... do u mean tight bends? on regular roads?
    I dont like the sound of my side stand scraping......