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Bolwell vs 125 mileage.. whats yours?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by seamusloyd, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    My first post here..
    I have had a Vs125 for the last month and clocked up 600km. I have my first service booked in for next Monday..

    Just wondering what your fuel consumption has been like.

    I'm getting 125km out of a tank. (takes 4.2ltrs when I fill it up)
    So about 30km a litre.

    I'm not a gun ho driver but I am in inner sydney so there are a few short hills here and there. I would consider myself a pretty conservative rider. So I should be reasonably efficient with my fuel.

    How does this stack up against your experiences?


  2. Thats 3.36 litres per 100 km, thats about right.
  3. genereally speaking, your consumption should get even better as your bike loosens up a bit. On the little scoots, it could easily take a few thousand k's to free up completely.

    So i'd say your going pretty well and it may get better.
  4. 600km? I had the oil changed at 300km(as per the manual). Seems like a long time to wait for the first service!

    I reckon I'm getting about the same, I've got 450km on my VS125. Still feels in the 'loosening up' stage, so hoping for a bit better, although I haven't been riding too economically. Lots of hills and beating cars off the line at the lights :D
  5. Yep like Duffmann and Propilot said. Mine is now 4 months old has done 3500kms and has reached its full potential. What a delightful skoot!
    SO much fun. I dont want to sell mine but I never use it now I have the T-Max, A town skoot doesnt make sense to me in Launceston coz I ride all over the State, needed the Ccs, but I sit on the VS often and think 'I love this skoot' Sigh.
  6. On the recent Blue Ribbon ride from Albert Park to Lower Yarra Reservior my VS125 managed 39km/l. Mind you that was very easy (slow) ride.

    Whereas on Monday did a loop of Christmas Hills, Black Spur, Woods Point Rd and Reefton Spur at a rather spirited pace and achieved 33km/l

    I've done 3300 on my VS125 since mid Jan. Lovely scooter, bit slow off the mark, but it just winds out beautifully to 100+