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Bolwell Retro 50cc - New owner question

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by nigelicious, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Just purchased my first scooter, Bolwell Retro 50cc. Only has 1200 on the clock.
    She has been delimited so I can hit 70-80 pretty easily. Wanted to know how best to handle the scoot so not to completely ruin my engine. I presume delmiting can have an adverse effect? At the same time, I don't want to ride it like a grandma doing her shopping, so what should I expect if I do push it reasonably hard?

  2. I wouldn't worry too much about it if I were you Nigel. Think the only thing to remember is just to keep the regular maintenance (every 500ks), like topping up the oil every time it gets low, warming up the engine before riding it off (important). All I can think of about shortening the engine life is when you put the big bore kit turning the 50cc into 70cc (e.g.: Semonini bore).
  3. Cool. I've been riding it pretty much full throttle everywhere because it's a bit of a thrill having just bought it ;) But I'll probably try pull it back a littttle so as to not burn through the fuel superfast.
    The owner doesn't have any record of service in the log book, she seemed pretty genuine about having it done while at work but not taking the book in so I might take it for a service very soon anyhow.
  4. its generally considered bad to run a little scoot flat out constantly. Unfortunately for 50cc scooters, flat out is virtually the only speed you can go!

    Whenever possible, try not to have the throttle twisted on all the way. Try and give her a little less stress :) The gentler you can treat the engine, the better, i would suggest. Other than that, keeping fuel and oil topped up and servicing as per the schedule and you should be fine. Also get into the habit of checking the tyres pressures and oil level regularly, at least every week.
  5. I'll check the oil tonight, it's all a little new to me!
    My suspension started to squeak last night but i hit the front hinges with a bit of wd40 and it seems to have eradicated it! Catching the bus was never this complicated! Or this cheap ;P
  6. Use a oil based lubricant not WD40.

    It drys out over time and it will start squaking again
  7. Oic, whoops! thanks :)
  8. As duff said, you definitely don't want to be full throttle everywhere. Its fine to derestrict it so you can have power to get out of some situations.

    However, full throttle everywhere is going to seriously mess up the engine life. If it was me I'd stick to 60kmh as its not flat out and it still returns great fuel economy - compared to 70kmh, at which point you're pushing the engine to its fullest and the fuel economy with be much worse for only a little more speed.
  9. Just found out the scoot had its first and only service at 600km. It's now up to 1400. Prolly be up to 1600 by the time I can afford another. Gr
  10. I dont want to sound harsh, but in my mind there are a couple of things that go with owning bikes. If you cant afford insurance and servicing, then you cant afford to have the bike. Having said that, servicing on a scoot is generally pretty straight forward so if money is a bit tight, then its up to you to learn how to do the basics yourself. Things like spark plug, checking all the bolts and screws, lubricating where needed etc etc. With a few tools and a bit of practice you will be able to do it yourself.
  11. Not harsh; I agree, hence why I haven't purchased a vehicle until the age of 25 ;) Just caught short with moving house and paying cash for the sucker.
    Actually been looking around for some good guides on servicing scoots but there don't seem to be alot online.. my manual is a little light-on.
    Maybe it's time to make one! :)
  12. i thought the manual was quite good actually... most of the service items such as the plug, filter and drum adjustments are covered and seem quite easy..
  13. Why do you think it needs another service? Usually a 50cc scooter needs it's second service after 5-6000 km or 12 months.
  14. new owner naievety? ;)