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Bolwell Red Devil?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by 06crf250, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Hey,
    I just got my new scooter yesterday its a Bolwell Red Devil, i had and exhaust system fitted to it and all but it still struggles to hit 65km/h, so is there something wrong with it? :(
    cheers :wink:

  2. A normal 50cc scooter should be getting around 70km/h on the flat depending on weight or de-restriction. Maybe ask the guys from where you brought it to check it out?

    I'm getting almost 80km/h on the flat with de-restrictions (thats burning it but) and I weight just over 50kg.. So i'm not sure whats up with your scooter.

    I ride a bolwell Gypsy by the way.
  3. 65km/hr is not far off teh mark. That is about right.

    The fact that you got an exhaust system addeed on suggests that it would also have been de-restricted before you got it.

    Scooter speedo's are inherently optimistic so when they say 80 it is rare that they actually reach 80. My old neighbour was a cop and he bought his wife an Aprilia SR50 Factory and that was indicating 85km/hr and he pulled out his radar gun one day and it measured 78km/hr so a good 7km/hr less than what the bikes spedo said.

    But anyway, thats by the by. You might get a bit more out of your scoot as she loosens up in time, but not too much.
  4. hey thanks for the reply guys
    dad went bak to the dealer today and he said he will look into it.
    i took it for a run today, held it flat and it was sitting on exactly 65kph the whole time, and i could feel the bike still had bit more to go, so i rekon its still got the restricter on it?

    Does anyone no how to remove one from a Bolwell Red Devil?

  5. hey me again
    found out whats wrong with it :D. Because my scooter is one of the newest batch of bolwell scooters in Western Australia, police have been complaining to bolwell scooters saying that, it is to easy the de-restrict your scooters, teenagers have been caught to many times on multinovas going to fast, so do something to it to make it go slower ie: 60kph. so thats what bolwell have done, one of the dealers here do not no what they have done to make it go so slow but he has striped one to see what they have done to it :wink:

    i let you no once i find out :D
  6. Very probably rev limited via the CDI. There is probably a wire attached to the CDI that you can cut that will derestrict it.

    Other options are a washer on the variator or a carby jet restrictor.
    You have swapped over the exhaust so that's not the cause.
  7. NO WAY will you get top speed. The bike is brand new,
    it's full of friction and tight-fitting parts. If you keep thrashing it
    like this, it will melt the engine internals or maybe break a ring,
    at best you will not get good performance later on.

    You need to ride normally and sensibly, and not hold the throttle
    on full for extended periods, until you've at least gotten 500km
    on the clock. 4-strokes take more than 1000km before you
    get full speed.

    This allows all the parts which rub against one another to polish
    smooth gently, and you will get better engine performance after
    this procedure is completed. Also, your brakes, suspension, and
    tyres will work better once you have broken them in.

    Don't believe conspiracy theories until you've at least gotten some
    decent riding miles on the bike.
  8. We have replaced the CDI with an 2005 one it made no difference, but do u no what colour wire it would be? and ill check.

    yep we have taken the washed out between the varitor, and do u no where abouts in the carby the jet restrictor it? the bolwell dealer here have ordered in some bigger jets for thinkin that mite be the problem.

    cheers :)
  9. Have you or the dealer taken the exhaust extension tube restriction off?
    There's an extra tube off the exhaust about 10 inches long that you cut
    off and weld up the hole, that will give you extra power at top end.
  10. yeh we checked that, doesnt have one, we also tryed the CDI that did nuthin, we are now thinking that that there might be another spacer between the other varitor, which would make sence cause it gets to 65kph then u still got 1/4 of throttle left that does nuthin, so we have ordered in a new one and a 70cc bore kit ;)
  11. i havent posted on here since i got my scooter..i got a red devil. well a black red devil..
    from the get go it did 65kph which i though was good..but it seemed to struggle abit and take a while...
    i took it to cityskoots in adelaide and spoke to the guy there..he put on a gilanni gsp exhaust and light malossi rollers.around a 6gram maybe 4gram.
    now the scooter gets more take off...and he tuned it for more midrange so i can sit on 60 and give it abit more throttle and i can get past cars. its top speed is around 75kph 80kph with no wind...
    also im looking to get a sports variator for it in the next few weeks...
    pls let me know how the big bore kit goes...im interested in getting on but wanna know what top speed i will be lookin at getting.
  12. hey thanks, i might have to try that now ;)
  13. also dont know if it counts my scooter sits on 75kph easy and i weigh 115kg...and it pulls my quiet easy.i can just imagine if it had someone lighter on it...lol..maybe even a 9sec quarter mile lol.
  14. haha nice, yeh im only 65kg so never no it might lol
  15. Hey mate,
    yeah the scooter dealers round Perth have been getting a bit of heat from the coppers about the whole de-restricting thing. Basically it was standard for every dealer to straight away de-restrict all 50cc scoots before they sold them. Which strictly speaking is and always has been illegal. Now with so many scoots on the roads, it has become more obvious that people are going over their supposed 60km/hr restricted speed.

    exhaust tube thingy

    These are the only restrictions that i know of being used. Maybe as you say, Bolwell have introduced a new restriction method and perhaps it will just take a little while before the dealers become aware of it.

    I'll be interested to find out what you and your dealer find out.


    oh and just out of interest which dealer do you use?
  16. umm we have been using bolwell in freo ;)
  17. cool - i go past there every day but never been in (well not since it changed to bolwell).
  18. i would be interested in de restriction mod for bolwell jolie as well
  19. Red Devil


    I just purchased the Red Devil, (Mines is still restricted)
    I was advised to run it in for about 300ks before I derestrict it.
    Once I have what will the top speed be?
    Also are then any other things you can do with the red devil to get more speed/efficiency out of it?

  20. hey i use to have a Red Devil, and even de-resricted it still wouldent go over 65kph, so then i thought id bore it out to a 70cc that got me up to 75kph, but every 5-10min it over heat and stop and id have to push it home or till it went again. we or the dealer never found the "secrete" restrictor, so we bout a new scoota :) a PGO PMX Naked, and that solved all my problems ;)