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Bolwell/PGO Gmax 150cc

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by MotoRoy, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. G'day everyone.
    This is my first post

    I bought a Bolwell/PGO Gmax 150 a few days ago and I love it. It handles incredibly well and it stops extremely quickly. In one day i've already done 120Km. I just couldn't walk away from it. Fuel wise it seems to run on vapours, i've used barley any fuel.
    It's great to park anywhere and looks very sporty just sitting there as you grab a coffee up at the shops.
    It does sound a bit like a lawnmower as it has a 150cc 4 stroke engine. The muffler looks nice as it has two exhaust ports out the back from the one muffler.

    The storage in it can hold a full face helmet easily and your gloves but thats about it. It gets a bit warm in there so shouldn't keep things under the seat that melt. But you can get top boxes for them which would help.

    Speedwise the Gmax does much better then i thought it would. For a 150cc it gets up to 80km/h no probs and will easily get away from the cars. Traveling around it likes to sit at 60km/h and on bumpy roads just makes it more fun. the size of the wheels helps traverse a bumpy or rough road.

    All in all the Bolwell/PGO Gmax 150 is a really great bike. For one your looking at about $6000 for one.

  2. Welcome to the forums MotoRoy :)
    I really dunno if this post belongs in scooters, bike reviews or the welcome lounge :LOL:
  3. hi motoroy, glad you are enjoying the new scoot :)
  4. Me niether but i saw others doing reviews here so i thought i should write it here.
  5. G'day Motoroy,
    I've got a G-max as well over here in Adelaide and like you I absolutly love it. Have had mine up over 100km and its got to be the best looking scoot on the market. Happy Scootering!!!!!
  6. I'd say the G-max is one of the most visually attractive scooters around at the moment, and with 150cc they should have enough go for city traffic. Are they 4-strokes or 2-strokes?

    Edit: never mind - 4 stroke...