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Bolwell Le`Grande 4 Sale (Adel)******SOLD********

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Ole Grizzly, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. A superb scooter..12 months old and only 1,520km

    Beautiful Metallic Black..glistens in the light, and has contrasting
    chrome areas. Oodles of storage under the comfortable seat.
    Cruises @ Freeway speeds with a pillion with power to spare.
    Purchased by wife to commute to a proposed new branch office...didn't eventuate.
    Has had a couple of little rides in the dry, and has since been clogging up my shed.
    So it has to go.
    Scooter is unmarked and looks new, having spent it's life in my garage and under a bike cover.
    Purchase price was $5,990 plus the on road costs
    Selling way below replacement....a chance for someone to buy a basically new scooter for a LOW LOW PRICE........Great Value...has to go.
  2. eh Ole Grizzly, shame you are not from melbourne, sounds a great deal