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Bolwell Jolies

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by TazFromOz, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. :] Hey, noticed that there are quite a few of these floating around second hand. In fact thinking of buying one, rather than a new one. But first I'd like to know what people here think of them. Why are so many of them being sold second hand, is there something wrong with them?

  2. I've ridden one of the 50cc Bolwell scooters. They're good fun and they must be fairly reliable (or maybe just very cheap) because the scooter hire place in Brighton uses them.

    I'd guess they're going up for sale as people get their license and upgrade to bigger scooters.
  3. I would probably say that it's just because of the capacity. I hired one for a day in Darwin last year & had an absolute ball hooning around checking out the sights. Despite all of the riding I did that day I barely touched the petrol tank & paid something like an embarrassing $2 to refill. As for speed I was getting the aggressive little beastie up to 80km/hr on the flat but I'm 60kg so... Also I believe that the hire place had done some mods.

    I think if I was going to look at a 2 stroke for a long period though I would go for a Red Devil if only for the larger wheels.
  4. i would have to agrea about the red devil over the jlie (im biased!) you can get a second hand one (less than 1000km) for the same price as the jolie - if anything it is a much better bike because of the larger wheels - much better ride and handles smoother
  5. Nothing really wrong with jolies. They are quite popular because they are small and cater for the shorter riders out there and they are light wieght so they tend to be quicker than your average 50cc scoots. With 50cc scoots you need every kmh you can get.

    You have to watch the kays on any second hand 50cc scooter. at around 25 thousand they need a top end, around 300-400 bucks to do. Apart from that, just look for the usual panel damage for a scoot that has been dropped.
    The only problems I have heard off are electrical switches in the handles cluster. Just check that everything works, horn, lights, starter etc though any problems here are usually fixed under warranty.
  6. I have been riding a Red (Blue) devil for about 4 months.

    It is currently the monsoon season in darwin so the roads are often very wet and I have only lost traction and come off my scooter once. I think the larger tires really made a big difference there.

    I tried my friends Jolie when I was looking for a scooter and decided it was too much like riding a toy bike to be taken seriously. At least on a Red devil you have more height and more weight than a jolie. I have mine de-restricted (like everyone else) with no other mods and I can get to 70km on a flat, sometimes more.

    My advice is go for the Red Devil over the Jolie. :)
  7. my jolie is in the FOR SALE section now ;)
  8. See that link below in my signature of my name..... :LOL:

    I hired a Bolwell Jolie... best time ever on it. Go round 65-80kmh.

    Till my mate smashed it cause he was a bit intoxicated.

    Pay nothing for fuel... People are selling Bolwell Jolies because they want more power more speed more adreneline. But still go for it its a great scooter.
  9. my gf has one of these

    great scooters

    i need to download a service manual

    any1 know wherei can find one?

  10. hey guys,

    can i ask a question about the Bolwell Jolies and the oil system.

    with these 2 stroke 50's, we simply keep the oil container under the seat nice and full and the engine will be 'fresh' all the time?

    if not shared with engine oil? how do you go about changing the gearbox oil?
  11. Yes, you need to keep it reasonably full, but don't fill it right up otherwise it will leak out all over the storage area.
    The warning light should come on if the oil level is too low but don't rely on the light, use your eyeballs.

    Gear oil:
    There is a drain hole at the bottom of the crankcase.
    The fill hole is the next bolt up the crankcase.
    It takes about 100 mL of gear oil, once the oil starts to weep out of the fill hole, that's it.
  12. hi mate

    thanks very much for your help.

    what about fuel / oil filters?
    sorry i am rather clueless with this model and cant find a service manual.
  13. that i didnt know.

    thanks so much for your help Braddo!
  14. hey braddo

    got any advice on mods for these scooters?

    i just want to achieve a higher top speed

    no exhuast / engine mods

    can i do it by changing the variator/ gearing?
  15. A race variator will give you smoother acceleration and a little bit of extra top speed but not much. Most shops don't recommend doing it by itself, it's not particularly good value for money by itself, but it will help with powering on out of corners.
    Gearing you can change, there is a Malossi final drive kit for the Dio/DD50/Jolie, not sure what the top speed increase would be on a stock scooter, but certainly would help a 70cc/performance exhaust combo.
    I haven't installed a final drive kit or a race variator in mine but I have three other scooters to look after :)
    (Oh, and mine is still for sale for any half decent offer! Search the for sale section for it it's probably 6 months back).
  16. Do you know how much those mods will cost me if let's say I take it to Show & Go? And is it worth getting it done? Mine's just got de-restricted & not much else.
    Oh yeah are you still looking for buyer for your Jolie? How much are you willing to part with it anyway?
    It's sad to let go of that reliable nifty scoot (I've heard from Paul of Show & Go that it's in high demand in Adelaide, even the shops only got like 2 or 3 left).
  17. Looking at the price list at GPS Imports, the parts prices are approx $150 for the variator and $180 for the Gear Up.
    Then there is the cost of fitting them, I don't know how much Show'n'Go charge for labour, I only went there once.

    You really do need to do the cylinder and exhaust first, I'm sure they will tell you that when you inquire.
  18. hey braddo

    thanks for the words man..

    i just wanted to do mods in which i could return the bike to standard adventually..

    if im changing exhuast and cyclinder then i cant really reverse that..
  19. hey guys

    ive noticed in the morning there is a little bit of smoke for 1-2km whilst the bike is warming up..

    is this normal?

    i am thinking oil is dripping into the cylinder while the bike is off and hence being burnt off when i start the bike again

    what do you guys recon?