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Bolwell GMax 250

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Blue14, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, does anyone have or know if anyone who has a Gmax 250. I am thinking of buying one for myself and also so the wife has something to ride as well.. Any comments would be appreciated. :grin:

  2. Cant help u there....

    But i see ur a tulla boy :p

    Born and bred tulla 4 life here. tho your prob abit older then the crew :p
  3. I rode a GMax 150 a lot, the only thing that wasn't amazingly good for a scooter was the engine wasn't as fast as the rest of the bike. With a 250cc it should hammer! :grin: Seat is medium height not low, so check she+you can reach the ground ok.
  4. I've been riding my gmax250 for 6 months and love it. Great acceleration, sticky stops and is pretty noisy, so I love it. Cannot complain about anything so far (but it is my first scooter, so I've learnt how to ride and how to handle it at the same time).

    It is not a short seat height, but I'm a shorty and have no problem that both feet aren't flat on the ground when stopped. I know that i can lean mr.g, one foot on the road, one up, and I'm balanced.

    Take it for a test ride, both of you. Then you will know if you want one. :grin: I haven't stopped grinning since I put my deposit down.

    If you want a 250, look at the firenze too, cruisier look, lower seat height....by all accounts, excellent.
  5. Only been in tulla 18 months.. Have lived north though all my life..

    Ok tried out the Gmax.. I am too tall and the handle bars hit my knees when i turn. :LOL: Will be looking at the firenze in 2 weeks..