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bolts in VERY bad places! (now with major starting issues)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by serafina, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. We've done the unthinkable. :shock:
    While adjusting the valve clearances on my ZZR we've managed to drop a 40mm long bolt down past the timing-chain sprocket on the crankshaft.
    Tried the magnet deal, but can't even see the bolt.

    Question is, how do we get it out? Do we take the clutch cover off or has it just gone down into the sump? How about if we take the oil filter out?

    Can someone offer some advice as we're feeling pretty stupid and desperate right now. Don't want to keep the rocker cover off for ever and a day obviously.

    Many thanks! :grin:

  2. its just like fishing, chances are you wont be able to SEE it.
    make sure its a flexible magnet thing, grab a sixpack and settle in for some tedious fishing.

    maybe draining the oil will make it visible maybe it wont, really its like fishing.

    i cant imagine removing the oil filter will gain advantage though.....

    good luck, and lets us know how you go
  3. I thought this might be about genital peircings...

    id say go fishing :( sucks though!!!
  4. Poor bugger, best of luck on your fishing trip :?
  5. remove the motor from the frame turn it upside down and shake it bolt will more than likely fall out
  6. ...aslo when desperation sets in, remove a piston from the conrod to get a bigger fishing hole.
    just need to make sure you dont reuse the gudgeon pin circlips, rule of thumb ;)

    edit- thats assuming you end up removing the head, barrels etc
  7. This is why I happily pay my mechanic to do these little infuriating jobs that he knows how to do quickly & efficiently!

    At the end of this episode considering how much your time is worth, how much did you save???

    Will you be up for the added cost of your mechanic fixing up your fark ups? Keep us all up to date won't you!
  8. OI, dont be so nasty, its all about learning :p
  9. You are a Mod nominee aren't you?
  10. ummmmmmm NO
    the pokey outy tonguey thing meant i was teasing ;)
  11. I don't have a solution for your current problem, you'll have to get it out somehow.
    However, next time you do a valve adjust, stuff rags in all openings where bolts etc may wander. Saves a lot of pain.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. i used my new socks and got a scolding :rofl:
  13. lol a friend of mine did this just reacently on a ZZR600 as well... ended up taking the engine out and shaking it out... just remember when removing the engine... it is a tight fit and needs to be taken out at a bit of an angle...
  14. UPDATE...

    Tipped the bike upside down 3 times (not fun!) and NO luck. Only the occassional tinkling but no bolt emergence.

    Took the cams off for hope of bigger fishing area. Tipped it upside down again. NO LUCK.

    We're running out of ideas. The bolt appears way way down

    Why did we decide to do this ourselves? My partner is pretty mechanically minded - everything was going 100% until this bolt. I'm a student, i can't afford a mechanic every 5 minutes. I recently got charged $700 for a mechanic to perform a service which basically consisted of changing my front tire, oiling my chain, tinkering with the carbs and polishing the fairing. Big effort.

    My bike is currently sitting in pieces and we're out of ideas.
    NOT GOOD. :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
  15. do you have a workshop manual?
  16. sure do
  17. Can you remove the sump with the eng still in the frame ? Its sounds like this is your only opption left to get the wayward bolt.

    If you cant get the sump off with engine in, I guess it's either try and remove the eng yourself OR pay through the nose to get a bike shop to do it for you :? Bearing in mind if you do it yourself and cant get it all back together you'll pay even more at a bike shop :p

    Are you 100% sure the bolt did fall INTO the engine and not just stuck in a cooling fin or similar ? I've stripped an eng only to find the lost bolt had fallen and then been kicked under a bench GRRRR :LOL:

    All workshops LOVE putting back together 'backyard' stuffups :twisted: NOT

    I always remember a customer that bought his eng in to us in a box to put back together for him .... after looking at all the pieces:
    1st question was "why did you pull it down in the 1st place"
    I got ...."er der you d*** bc it wasn't going when i got it from a garage sale"

    My responce "uh huh, so where is the CDI unit ? "
    Answer ... "The what ?"

    The little silver box with 3 wires coming out of it that goes right there ( pointed to the block and missing bolt/CDI)

    2nd answer = "never even saw it"
    My responce " well who's the d*** now ? It will never run without a CDI, my bet is there was nothing wrong with the engine in the 1st place.. here's your box back ... have fun ) :roll: :LOL:

    The moral is:
    If you do have to take it to a bike shop, be very nice and explain exactly what you where doing when you dropped the bolt,and ask if they can have a look at it when they get time. Dont give them attitude if they say, we may be able to get to it in a few days. Just smile and say thanks , remember its your stuff up not thiers

  18. I still have a bolt in my engine. :( :( :(

    I've tipped it upside down, fished for hours...

    VTR Bob, regarding removing the sump with the engine still in, i got the response 'not sure exactly where the sump is?'. Yes, we're regrettful idiots. Can someone clear this silly question up?

    We have a service manual but it's proving unhelpful.

    At the moment, we're tossing up the idea of taking the engine out or removing the clutch cover. Thing is we're not sure if removing the clutch cover will do anything of any help???

    [ack. i just found out the clutch cover related gasket is $200. dear god...is removing the engine going to be a similar expensive gasket related event?]

    100% sure the bolt fell into the engine. We had it on the magnet first go but the bastard fell off again and wouldn't be found. Can hear it tinkling from time to time.

    If someone could assist with these couple of questions, i'd be VERRRRRY appreciative. :) I miss my bike heaps :(:(

    Many thanks,
  19. The Sump or oil pan is the pan-like thing at the bottom of the engine that holds the oil.

    The oil drain plug will be screwed into it.

  20. If the gasket is $200, then welcome to the wonderful (and shunned) world of gasket goo and reusing gaskets. (99% of the time I wont. here I would make an exception... (if its like 90% of clutch covers, itd be a low stress ambient pressure sealing system )

    If you have an exploded view of the engine, you'll get an idea of where the bolt could have ended up. if it'a in the sump pan, 30 minutes is all it should take. plus 30 minutes for preppin' the surfaces for the gasket goo. and 30 minutes for going to the dealer to get the gasket. and three weeks on backorder.