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Bolte bridge partially closed due to accident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Brian26146, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. I heard on the radio earlier that the bridge was closed for a while. Would that have caused a lot of trouble for traffic? Do many of the members use that road about 3.30pm when i heard about it?
    I believe the closure was caused by an accident. According to the radio a car hit a motorcycle.

    That brings me to ask was it someone known to the membership? If so is he/she OK?

    Does anyone have further news?

    Hope the rider was not hurt at all, regarless of who it was and only slightly if hurt. Hope the car driver is OK as well. Don't like to see other human beings injured needlessly.

  2. Regardless of whether or not the facts are accurate, or the guy was a netrider, I hope every rider made it home safe today. :)
  3. Heretics!! :evil: How dare you speak of accidents on this forum!! :shock:
  4. It was a motorcycle hitting a car and it was Ferris, one of our very own netriders. He's okay, his riding gear took most of the damage, just lost a few bits of skin off a knee and copped a few bumps and bruises which aint to bad as he came off at 90-100. The bike however didnt fare so well. Its totalled so if anyone needs parts for a '05 CBR1000rr repsol edition there will be one coming up at the austions soon.
  5. Best wishes

    Best wishes for our fellow Netrider, once again proving how much should you should be prepared to spend on protective gear and why!!!??
    Commiserations on the death of the bike, though, what a bummer! :cry:
  6. Well done to all posters, for (mainly) keeping to the point, and here's hoping Ferris is back in the saddle again soon :) .
  7. Good to hear Ferris came out of it fairly intact, pity about the bike, but they are replaceable people are not.
    All the best
  8. Bad luck Ferris, hope you're feeling OK today. I also hope you can tell us about it, I'd like to know under what conditions it happened and how it happened. I'd be curious to know if the reduced lanes on the wind-up to the Bolte had any part in it.
  9. Glad to hear Ferris is ok.
  10. glad to here ferris is ok
    pity about the bike , but they can be fixed :)
  11. glad to here ferris is ok
  12. Glad to hear only minor injuries Ferris :D
  13. [​IMG]

    Firstly i would like to thatnk both Shoei and Joe rocket...Their gear literally saved my ass.

    Here's the low down...Was travelling in the right lane heading inbound on the bolte. I moved left to pass a slow car. I indicatated, did a head check, moved left, cancelled the indicator, then all of a sudden a 4wd appeared in front of me. I hit the breaks, next thing i remember rolling and thinking please dont go under a car. Then remember thinking get off the road...next thing i was in the ambo...havent seen my bike yet but from what i hear she is gone to the racetrack in the sky. I took some skin off my knee, got a band aid on my finger and just some bruising on my shoulder, knees, and spine.

    Thanks for all the best wishes guys....I'm gonna check out the bike now and i'll report back.
  14. Glad to know that the gear did it's job!
  15. Someone should tell Matt232 about the parts! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Glad to see Ferris is ok!
  16. It's ok Knightrider Matt gets his parts from PS. :D :D :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Hey Ferris, did the 4WD pull into your lane? Was it a legal move, ie, blinkers etc?
  18. Shit man, first time time I've read this thread. Glad to hear your O.K, pity about the bike but as everyone has pointed out, its replaceable. Hope the bruises heal quick and that Mrs Ferris is taking good care of you :)
  19. Sorry to hear about your off, but thankfully you're more or less in 1 piece. :)

    It's also nice to hear all that expensive gear did its job properly!