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Bolt snapped in half, stuck in frame

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by matty__, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    The drainage bolt on the front of my WR400 frame, was snapped when i was doing it up today. Now half of it is stuck inside the frame, still on the thread/hole but any ideas on how to get it out? Obviously i can't let it fall into the frame as it will end up turning bad i can imagine.

    Please help :(

  2. Well and easy out will remove it. BUT it your woried about drilling a hole and the broken bolt going further in use a left handed drill bit. there designed for exactly this problem.

  3. If you have access to a dremel you may be able to grind a little slot in the face and then use a screwdriver to unscrew it.
    Is the bolt loose in the thread or is it jammed tight?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I ended up taking it to the shop and got charged $210 to get it out :cry: plus the sump bolt that was rounded.
  5. Ouch! :nail:
  6. ^ um, i've actually tried this and it's a whole lot of effort for very little reward. actually it was useless since the screws were tempered(if that's the correct word)-hard as fcuk(is another!).

    boy does one curse when shit like this happens!

    holy cow! $210. :shock:
  7. That's why they're mechanics and we're riders :roll:.
  8. If anybody else has this problem I find a cheap set of warehouse torx bits it the best trick.

    I probably buy 2 or 3 sets a year to sacrifice in this manner.

    Drill in the centre of the broken bolt a fraction smaller than the size torx bit you are going to use, hammer the torx bit into the centre of the bolt and this will give you something to undo.

    I have bought expensive ($20-30ea) easy-outs before just to have them break. I have had o 90% success rate with torx bits.
  9. ... a plug here also for Silkopen, a product sold by Silkolene that actually does what WD40-type sprays claim to do but don't: get into the threads of seized screws. It doesn't always work, but especially if you can leave it on for a while it will usually penetrate a thread. I have never had this work with WD sprays.

    I have tried virtually all the methods described above, and most of them work: the trick is to use the right one in the right situation. Especially the warning on Easy-Outs is valid: they are hard, but brittle, and if they snap there's no drilling them out: I avoid them for small (5 or 6mm) screws.

    Using good tools and knowing when to stop pulling on a wrench are valuable skills, as is knowing when to suspect a bolt is seized before you even start.
  10. brand of spray is likely to make little difference. WD, CRC, RP7, Rost off, Penetrene, home brand rust penetrant. They have all done the job for me, none better than the other. WD smells the best though.

    All the same shit. I will admit that Rost Off Ice from Wurth is pretty damn good as it seems to really loosten a bolt by cooling it down. And you definately don't want to spray it on your skin, it WILL give you a cold burn.