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Bollywood night (Dinner and dance!!!) Its fun i promise

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Banga, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    Hope posting this isn't against forum regulations or anything like that.

    Now that you all now we have a Indian restaurant in Mittagong i was hoping to tell you all about a special night we have coming up.

    On the 1st of august we are having a Bollywood night; which is basically an Indian themed dinner and dance night at the restaurant.

    We set up a all you can eat buffet, there's Indian dancers a Indian dj and best of all everyone is invited to come up and groove lol.

    We encourage you strongly to wear some form of indian clothing being this a turban, indian suit, sari etc, can be provided if needed. Often we get patrons dressed as cricketers if thats easier.

    Of course there is alcohol too!!! lol

    This is usually quite successful and everyone enjoys the night, i am hoping some people here might be interested.

    Of course there will be a discount for nr :wink:
    Any1 interested or want more information let me know.

    Or you can pm me your email and i can send it that way too!

  2. That sounds like a LOT of fun :grin:

    I have a visitor up from Melbourne that weekend and showing them around Sydney otherwise I would totally be there.

    Have a massive soft spot for Bollywood movies after watching Devdas hehehe
  3. Bit far to go unfortunately but it does sound like fun!
  4. ditto - sounds awesome but mittagong is a bit of a mission for me.
  5. UNLESS....

    We make it a weekend thing at another time :) Ride down on a Saturday afternoon and for those that want to, stay at Bowral for the night. Lots of nice B&Bs around there. Sunday can be a continuation of the ride.
  6. LOL, depends where abouts in sydney ur coming from i guess. I used to go from parra to mittagong and in traffic it could be a bit of a hike.
    Like Sirian Sun said there are B&B's as well as good priced motels that way if that's what ur interested in.
    I'll be honest with you i like some of the music and the odd movie, but typically not a Bollywood fan lol. I have not even seen devdas. But i love bhangra dance music so thats the good part for me.

    If you change your mind feel free to let me know!!!
  7. You've never seen Dvda's? That is probably a good thing.

    Kaje rare boiiiiiiieeeeee!
  8. LMAO, Na mate never watched it.
    Honestly if i watch a bollywood flick its because i have nothing better to do at all and my room is clean and my car is clean and i'm too tired lol oh and i dnt have a m-bike to ride!
  9. Fargin spewin you guys are in Sydney. Absolutely luuurv indian food and to groove to some indian tunes and bounce along side some bollywood brown babes. Me and Carri27 would have loved this! Got any cousins who own restaurants in Melbourne? You could start a franchise. :grin:
  10. Come to Sydney for the weekend you two ;)
  11. I am seriously thinking about this. Its been more than a month since i went for a long ride and was looking for reasons to ride :grin:
    I don't know Sydney at all, so there are high chances that i'll still be riding around looking for this place even after you have closed for the night :LOL:
  12. Given that Mittagong is about 115km south west of Sydney, I'm sure you will be... :LOL:
  13. Google maps tells me that it is just one straight road from here :p , so i should reach there without any problems :grin: . My only worry is the weather. I am hoping that it wont be windy during that time of the year - don't want to get blown away into the Pacific ocean on my way :LOL:
  14. Hi Lawrence,

    PM me ur email address and i'll email you the info sheet.


  15. My email id is in my profile :) . However, don't count me in yet. Mittagong is 1050 kms from home, and being a normal weekend, i might not be able to make it as easily as i think i can :LOL:
  16. Ahh yes, I can picture it now.

    A whole lot of people in a confined space, with a gut full of vindaloo, developing a case of Rajah's bowel, and bouncing along to the Asha Bostle Beat Box.

    Sounds like fun, but no match lighting, OK?

    Reheated samosa anyone?
  17. No probs,

    Just emailed you some more information, dw just let me know wen u decide :wink:
  18. Thanks, got the mail :)


    Someone reversed onto my bike when it was parked infront of a pub, and it fell down, some parts got broken, and was sent to the insurers. They say that it can take "upto" 4 weeks (from tomorrow) for me to get it back. So, i have a very strong feeling that i may not be able to make it this time :(
    Let me see how it goes..
  19. Sorry to hear that, hopefully you get the bike back soon. I hope their insurance covered it... Meaning they didn't do a runner.
  20. No problem with that. The other party's insurance is covering it :grin: . Am fitting a Yoshi or an Akrapovic instead of the standard muffler :dance:
    Hopefully, i'll get it all back soon [-o<