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Bollwell Jolie problem (mechanical or electrical??)

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by robbo_yobbo, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Ive run into an illusive problem with my Jolie. Its been running for the past 2000km with a 70cc bore on it with no probs, untill the headlight blew!

    Ok, headlights no biggie, untill I couldnt find anywhere to buy an exact replacement..... so in the meantime I put a 95w car globe in it (instead of the 35W standard).

    since then the globes been using all the power so the battery hasnt been getting enough charge to use the electric start, so its been kick start only for the past week...... this all makes sence to me so far..... untill today......

    Kick started no prob, rode up the driveway and stopped to open my gate and it died..... OK, cold morning, fair enough, so I kicked it again, it started, but as soon as I gave it a little throttle, it died again and I couldnt start it....... Left it for an hour and it started again, but then died within a few seconds if left to idle, or straight away if it got throttle, then wouldnt start again..... left it for another hour and same story, did this a few times over with the same result...

    I finaly got the shits on and stripped it to pieces. It had spark, and fuel. I pulled out the airbox and carb, checked for fuel blockages, pulled the head off to make sure there bas nothing blocking up the bore, took the exhaust off to make sure that wasnt blocked, and pulled out the headlight
    I noticed the spark wasnt jumping to the tip of the plug, so I shortened the gap put it all back together (except the headlight) and it started,and hey presto, ran no problem, left it running while I put the headlight back in and it continued to run fine.

    Whent for a 10 min test ride, and all was rosey. left it parked for an hour, whent to start it and we were back to squere 1 again!!!! I pulled the plugg out and shortened the gap again, put it back in, and it fired, ran dodgey for a few seconds then died and wouldnt fire again. repeated this process a few more times shortening the gap each time, every time it would fire the first time, die, then not fire untill I shortened the gap even further.

    Now this seems quite bizzare to me..... Any pointers to what the real problem might be, the gaps like 0.5mm at the moment which is a hell of a lot shorter than it should be, and Im all out of ideas.
  2. I'm no mechanic, but could it be as simple as your over-powered headlight globe has fried some of the wiring and its causing a short?
  3. Well, I got it sorted, I think it was a combination problem.

    I disconnected the low beam so the headlight was off unless switched to high beam, and changed the sparkplug and all was roses.

    the reduced current flow must have been affecting what was already a weak spark, combine that with cold startups (im guessing they have an autochoke as they run $#it untill they warm up) it was just enough to screw it all around.
  4. whats the speed like with your 70 kit?
  5. The top speed didnt increase but it got there faster and has a heap more power and response (the 70kit gave it just enough to lift the front wheel), Hopefuly the top speed gets a boost with new gear ratios on Friday though