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Boingks New Ride - '88 CBR1000F

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by boingk, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, haven't checked in for a while but thought I'd start off with the news that I'm getting a new bike. Still have the XR600R (love it!) but the GSX-1100EF is getting sold/parted out.

    The new bike is an '88 Honda CBR1100F, still haven't picked it up but heres a photo:


    Cheers - boingk
  2. the old 'whale', eh ? :LOL:

    looks in good nick, enjoy (y)
  3. Looks a good tourer base I would say. Have seen some with many miles on them they seem to go forever.

    Whats this got on it.
  4. She's got 60,000km on the clocks, looks legit too. Apart from the standard camchain rattle (every one I've ridden has it) and a few minor things like a small seat rip and the odd scratch it seems pretty good.

    Only thing I've been made aware of is that the rear disc is scored and should probably be replaced, but thats not too big of a deal.

    Anyone have any experience with these at all?

    Cheers - boingk
  5. So I spent most of my day getting the bike regoed and all legal-wise so I can ride it further than the local garage... and was it worth it? HELL YEAH!

    After I put a new battery in her and got all the legal mumbo-jumbo out of the way I headed for a bit of road that I like, one with a long straight in it. You know what I mean :D Anyway, I took it fairly gently leading up to this straight and then rolled gently through the gears, peaking at maybe 7,000rpm in each one. Felt very strong with no smoke or untowards noises... then I looked down and as I was doing very much over the limit thought I'd better slow down.

    Heading toward a real 'riding road' I got used to the bike and really got a chance to have some fun. I didn't push it at all, but did rev out through a gear or two on some long sweepers. The first time I did that there was some smoke (cobwebs?) left behind but after that there wasn't anything. I suspect this old girl hasn't seen much high-rpm action in her life.

    Anyway, she was a blast to ride and I had a ball this afternoon. Only problem I can note is that she leaked some coolant after the run, perhaps a few tablespoons at most. It came out of the overflow and was very clean, but it still got me thinking. Is it possible the previous owner just overfilled it a bit before sale? It doesn't seem to have leaked any more.





    Cheers - boingk
  6. Never owned one but a good, durable design and you like you got a strong one. And it's a Honda...
  7. I had the next model with the redesigned headlight and fairing, and a 2004 model some years later. Both were solid and reliable bikes.
  8. That fuel tank looks intimidating
  9. I worked with a guy in '91 who had one. Eventually he flipped it at about 130 in a 60 zone and destroyed it, but for about 2 years he rode it like he stole it and it seemed to lap that up without a problem. Tough well made bike, I'd say.
  10. Thanks guys, I've been away for a while and its nice to come back and see a few comments... even if they are about mates flipping a similar bike!

    Jokes aside, the bike is going pretty well. I had a coolant leak problem that I tracked to a vent hose that was too long (looked like it'd been put on by the PO) but other than that its been plain sailing.

    I managed to take it for a spin to Nowra and back via the Nerriga bypass... which was alright except for the rain most of the way there and half the way back. No matter, the weekend was clear and I managed to get a few sessions in. Now I know what the journo's are on about when they talk about 'second gear corners'! :eek:

    This old girl has definitely got some power in her, absolutely love it. If anyone is thinking about buying a first 'big bike' thats a bit of a do-it-all machine with a bit of grunt to it then definitely think about buying one of these. Cheap, reliable, powerful and comfortable. Great combination.

    Cheers guys - boingk
  11. Those are a good, strong motor.

    With a bit of spanner work and some fettling, one would fairly cheaply make a great naked musclebike too.