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Bogans and Blind Corners

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Sphinx57, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. It happened to me on the weekend. Some bogan overtakes me on a blind right hand corner and guess what? A car and two bikes coming the other way. So he nearly wipes himself and me out getting out of the way. Anyone else have a near miss on the weekend?

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  2. No but I do find that an awful lot of harley riders seem to hog the centre line and appear to me like a head on waiting to happen.
    I noticed that attitude from many harley riders I saw on the way back from Putty...many of them sat almost on the centre line everywhere- straights or corners and then quickly over take irrespective of oncoming traffic or blind corners/crests....
    I so would not like to be a pillion with one of those riders...you would smell me a mile away esp downwind :woot:
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  3. Any reason for the double post/thread?
  4. I did notice a lot of them yesterday OldmaidOldmaid I also did a ride with a bunch from "Temporary Australians" last October. I noticed that they seemed to do the same thing. I'm curious why so many Harley rider's do that, but not so much riders of other brands.
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  5. doubly shitty about it praps MyoManMyoMan

    Senator17Senator17 maybe their riding style is why they are called temporary Australians...:woot:
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  6. upload_2015-7-27_17-4-47.

    Were you riding with the MCC?
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  7. I thought this sort of stuff was par for the course on the Old Road...

    I try to avoid it by leaning enough to pass safely underneath them. ;)
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  8. I usually am the one heading towards said bogan. Scares the shit out of me when cars come around a blind corner in my lane.
  9. I think many of the HD riders would do it to try and give them more visibility and set up for corners.
    As the bikes are more limited in cornering ability than sports bikes, sitting in the middle of the road would give them a little advantage when reaching each corner.
    It does put them at greater risk from other road users often, but it's up to them to manage that.
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  10. Would have just been yet another statistic for the Old Pacific Crapway. I hear at least one more stack near Pie In The Sky over the weekend.

    So many people continue to ride a road that has a ridiculous speed limit, imposed to assist police in removing your licence by catching riders at +30 or +45, and often with an extra jab of cross unbroken lines, in addition to probably being the most policed piece of road per km in the state, if not the country. There is a death or serious stack there almost every week, and people wonder why it is so heavily policed.

    I prefer to just not ride there..
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  11. but sitting in the middle makes the corner tighter and gives you less visibility.
    When I rode a cruiser I tended to stay out wide so I could cruise around the corner easier.
  12. So on a right hander they let it run on a little and move back towards the centre of their lane as they enter.
    On a left hander they are already as wide as they can go.
    Most people's normal riding position is in the centre of the wheel tracks, I see a lot of HD riders that try to stay to the right of the right wheel track.
  13. Well okay but it scared the bejesus out of me as there was a stream of them and they really were almost on the wrong side of the road...plus as I said they weren't caring much where or when they overtook either...
  14. Oh okay I get you now.
  15. Riding with slow traffic in busy Penrith on Sunday following my mate, we both began a right turn at a single lane small round-a-bout. I followed directly behind my mate as we entered the round-a-bout By the time my mate was about to make his exit into the right street and I was facing the right street halfway around the round-a-bout. A c**t in a ute then just decided that two motorcycles were no match for his vehicle and sped onto the round-a-bout behind me and attempting to go around us. I hit the anchors and let him go around me on the outside (my left side). He then cut across behind my mate barely missing his rear end and lost the un-tied load of timber he had hanging out the back of his ute on the round-a-bout. We just kept going, I hope the c**t had all his timber ran over and ruined by the time he stopped to get it.
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  16. Agree about the police presence and minor stacks but most weekends I am there I see riders to be riding within their limits.

    You get the odd Moto GP racer wannabe but generally those guys are good enough to take evasive action. It's a nice road that is close to Sydney hence its popularity.

    It's has quite a few corners so it's great for new and existing riders to hone in on their skills. Just need to avoid going peak times.

    An early morning run or a late afternoon one are always great on the old road if you can't dedicate half a day to putty, Macquarie pass etc.

    I also find RNP a lot more sketchy due to the number of cars and how slippery some of the moss covered corners are. I think we are pretty lucky to have the old road so close to Sydney.
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  17. I think it is statistically the most likely 45km of road in the state where a motorcyclist will come off their bike. That may not be due to bogans and people on the wrong side of the road, it is more probable that a rider is riding beyond their capability and/or not to conditions. It's also a nice revenue pot for the Northern and Bris Waters hwy patrol.
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  18. Well it is not often that I fence sit (poor fence :( ) but I agree with both Tweet and Bugzr34.
    I love the Old Pac corners...just love them and best of all I have my one and only decent photo of me on the whinja that was taken there. I love the scenery, I love the collection of bikers and bikes at PITS, Road Warriors and the Estuary...plus it always reminds me of travelling up north as a kid in the old FJ every school holidays to my Nanna's place at Stroud...

    But I am coming to love all corners though. I am ready to go tackle Mac Pass again but that probably won't be until next bike now :(
    She is booked in for a sleeper up to Port soon...

    But I have seen some class A clowns riding like they have a rocket up their arses through the Old Pac. It isn't the speeds quite so much as the reckless total disregard for other traffic both inlane and oncoming that shits me.
    The first time I did the old pac, my heart was in my mouth and I nearly crapped myself when some arsewit came around with his head parallel to the road and well over on my side of the road. Not to mention the crowds on one hill egging them all on...that really distracted me!
    I got down to Brooklyn and had to pull over to compose myself to go back up again. I had been riding about 6 weeks at this stage and was doing okay but I didn't go back there for a while until with a group ride.
    I handle myself okay through there now :)
    But it isn't a race track and there isn't an ambo waiting nearby to scrape you up off the road. Go do Eastern creek or Marulan or elsewhere if you want to really want to crank the throttle AND be all over the road without traffic! I would be tired of the prangs there as well but I think it is also a numbers thing as you get so many bikes through there..
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  19. I think Oldmaid is right, it's just a numbers game. I have been to the old road mid week and it's empty and is one of the best places to be on a motorbike as all cars take the motorway.
    But I have also been to the old road on a sunny Sunday after a long rain spell. And it seems like every man and woman in NSW decided to go to the old road.
    There would be literally hundreds of bikes there. Not a pleasant to ride it then at all.
    I like to have a few bikes around when I ride as I can follow the lines of some of the more experienced guys and learn a thing or two. But never enjoy the massive group rides where it's almost like a race mentality amongst the guys.
    I think new riders should definitely visit the old road to get some cornering practice just try to go with a more experienced rider who can be a mentor to you.
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  20. Best time to do it is definitely mid-week when there's less cars, idiots and usually HWP. Sundays are a bit nuts, I'll do it for a social outing, or to photograph, but that's about it.
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