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Bogandore road rage

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by SIDSU Magnet, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Another day, another dangerous idiot on our roads.


    I was second in line on a two lane road at a red light and it just so happens that the car in front (old model Pajero 4x4) stalls it at takeoff. Instead of having been the main ingredient of a pancake with the cars rolling up behind me, I scoot up the right hand side of it for a split action and take off away down the highway as fast as my little VTR250 can go.
    Just so happens that the bogan in the stationwagon boganodore did not take too kindly me leaving him in my wake (who was sitting in the right lane, first position).
    I'm already at 80km/h speed limit and doing a long left hander and Bogan decides to cut into my lane and zip pass about 30cm from my right leg at about 100km/h then proceeds about 30m down the road in my lane and slams on the handbrake. I saw no brake lights, but i did see the smoke off the tyres. Proceed to e-brake (rear lock) and swerved out pass him out into the overtaking lane yet, Bogan was on the hell bender to kill becasue he swung open his driverside door to hit me.
    I'm stalled in the middle of a highway in 5th gear with traffic bearing down on my ass. Obviously traffic slowed for the the situation and no sooner was I on the gas and going to catch this asshole.
    He took off into a suburban side street and slowed for me. I stopped and tried to get his plate (which I finally did) all the while he decides to start doing donuts within a four way stopsign intersection.
    Whoa, I thought, this guy is f.i.t.h.
    Two cars which witnessed the ordeal followed me and stopped to rubberneck. At this point i do a u-turn once i have his plate after he stops with his three revolutions and decided i've seen enough. At this point Bogan decides to intimidate me by accelerating and braking heavily just before me. I got the hell out of there, lost his sorry ass and then stopped as well to ring the cops a fair distance up the road.

    Model: Holden commodore stationwagon. Dark Green.

    Plate NSW: TTT-125

    Location: Industrial Drive, Mayfield and intersection of Bull St and Kerr St, mayfield.

    Bogan: Male 40yo light brown hair. Missing front tooth.

    I made a Police report and they were indifferent until I mentioned that he opened his door to knock me off. They said they will investigate since they really didn't like it when i said he did some donuts as well.

    Oh well. Although I have a very short fuse myself, I followed him becuase i need his plate.

  2. What a F**ing prick. good you reported him. im not one for generalizations, but most of the dirvers i have had issues with are... well...bogans.
  3. Mate, well done for avoiding any further confrontations with this a**hole. GREAT S/A under the stress of it all, in getting his plate details and reporting it to the Police...here's to them actually doing something about it... :roll:

    Sounds like this guy needs to grow a brain or get out more often. Seems to me he's been spending too much time indoors, as it is. The missing front tooth could mean someone's already 'taken' it out for him. Methinks, with his low IQ, that he wasn't too sure what to do with his boyfriend's dildo :!:
  4. I have the same bike incl. year.

    Gold rims, red body, black frame.

    Yeah, nothing like getting the ol' adrenaline pumping. If the highway patrol go for a looky at the intersection will find quite a few fresh black tyre marks.

    There is a point when you watch something and think "idiot", then there is a point when they surpass that and then can only be described as bat-shit insane.