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Bogan commode skank

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by NothingExpert, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. So I was commuting home from work. I filter at lights. I know its not technically legal but it saves me from being boxed in. I don't know what people's opinions of it are here but it wasn't like I smashed it between two vehicles travelling at speed. Not peak hour, just after. South Pine Rd lights on Wardell St. I filter past a single vehicle - white commodore - thinking "It's a family car, I'll just slip past and have the road to myself." She moves to try to block me as I start to go past. I should've just stopped and let her have "her road."

    The lights go green and I move off at a reasonable pace for the Virago (Yes I know its a Virago. Trust me I'm gagging to get on something bigger and I really shouldn't filter on something that can easily be outrun by a commode.) Next thing I know she's on the horn and tailgating me, so I move into the other lane, having left the other car behind us. She pulls up beside me and screams "There's a reason why people like you die!!" (I thought yeah, because of people like you). She then proceeds to swerve at me then pulls in front and hits the brakes. Luckily I reacted ok and managed to get around her. She pulls up next to me at the next lights and is hurling abuse at me through the open window. Her husband in the passenger seat is completely silent, eyes front. I look over and she is heavily pregnant and has three small children in the back seat.

    It makes me wonder at the mentality of some people. Had she killed me her children would have been scarred for life. She may have lost her current pregnancy in the process. She may also have taken a stranger's life simply because someone "pushed in front of her." If she hadn't killed me then work cover would have helped with my recovery, but I don't really want to go through that. Regardless of my transgression at the lights what she did was stupidly foolish and illegal.

    I guess I should just stop filtering, at least until I get off my RE and upgrade. The problem is so many experienced riders I have spoken to have told me that regardless of the legality, I should do it to get away from traffic (hell even my QRide instructor did). I don't split lanes in moving traffic. I try to take calculated risks.
  2. Oh goodie another filtering thread.
  3. The thing that concerns me is that she didn't nod before screaming at you
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    You took note not to filter in front of the wrong kind and got unlucky. Keep filtering if you want, you'll find these incidents are rare if you filter well. I've been chased, screamingly threatened at a servo with assault, but it's just the odd freak and only happens every few years. They need to add "you ride a motorcycle" to the dot points here, but this explains it all: http://thingsboganslike.com/2010/03/12/104-road-rage/ It's debatable, but my attitude is just to ignore the silly little animal when it starts to scream. No use wasting good human emotions on those that aren't worth it.

    And don't worry about those children - seeing you hurt is the least of their problems when it comes to their psychological development.
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  5. This!
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  6. Not long ago I had a skinny young guy in a black ute deliberately open his door on me, so that I couldn't filter past him. He then proceeded to give me the finger. (?!) His girlfriend sat there looking absolutely terrified (I do a lot of weight training and I'm 103kg).

    When the lights changed, I changed lanes, got ahead of him and then slowed down so that he would end up driving beside me. Luckily for him, he chickened out and pulled off the road into a BP station.

    Honestly, what kind of fcukwit goes around provoking motorcyclists like that? I'm pretty sure that he thought that filtering is illegal and that I should "wait my turn" (the usual cager ignorance) but seriously, he had his girlfriend in the car with him! - How was he to know what my reaction would be? I might have bashed the living fcuk out of him in front of her, or maybe even bashed the both of them; he acted in an incredibly stupid manner.

    A friend of mine pointed out that one of the biggest problems in society today is that people have no fear of repercussions for rude and stupid behaviour, since the police/courts protect people who act that way. In the past, if you acted like a cockhead you'd probably get a hiding and everyone would agree that it was simply natural justice.
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    I believe the correct nomenclature is "frothing at the gash" :)

    Imho, get a helmet or bike camera. I'm sure with a plate number this would be great evidence to press charges down at the police station with. Lets see her cart the rats around & her husband (I assume has no license) when she gets hers suspended too :happy:, remember to cut out the part where you filter.
  8. I agree with everything matt said.
    Virago isn't the quickest off the mark, but these unlucky picks will be infrequent.
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  9. She threatened to harm you and you worry about her kids and unborn kid.
  10. OP, be warned that there is a particularly malicious type of boganette that is married to a cop. - She will act like a total biatch to all and sundry, knowing that her cop husband will get his mates to falsely prosecute anyone who doesn't tolerate her bullshit behaviour. (This boganette likes to use the "My husband is a policeman!" line on retail staff when they refuse to refund the soiled item of clothing/broken piece of electronic equipment she is trying to return.)
  11. are we talking about a 2fiddy virago ,??
    upgrade time maybe
  12. Nah, a commonwhore.
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  13. I have a golden rule that has kept me alive and riding since Noah wore short pants ............... always look for flannel ......... if they ain't wearing it I'll pass the bastards.
  14. Lots of bogan antennas and a cowboy hat up here, and this isn't really into country bogan territory yet! Couple hours inland is a different story...
  15. You need to selectively chose what vehicles you filter past, especially of your bike isn't up to the task of leaving them in your wake. Alas, there may be times when you read the indicators incorrectly and score a bogan/boganette who believes it's their God-given right to express their dismay with acts of pure idiocy and total disregard for other road users' well-being. I can leave most cages for dead on the Daytona but I won't filter past a fully-sicked up cage wearing a P-plate (if it's the lead cage at a red) until I've had the chance to assessed their demure (8 times out of 10, they're okay but you do get some idiots).

    I failed to heed the indicators of a 4WD touting soccer-mum when filtering along Homebush Bay Drive a few months ago. The traffic wasn't actually stopped but was crawling along under 10kph with intermediate stop/starts. I tried to filter/split her highness 4 times and was greeted with a closing gap on each occasion BUT the 4th attempt to impede my progress opened a large gap to her right. I switched and went the other side and she tried to ram me into the medium strip as I drew level with her driver's door. Suffice to say, I twisted the throttle and GTF out of there quick smart but not before a minor, err... mirror adjustment was orchestrated to her Ford Territory ;)

    Hot or not, she's in charge of a tonne or more of metal and chooses to use it as a weapon. Face it, if you come off second best; sex appeal is the last thing on your mind when clad in casts, covered in bruises and floating high on Morphine (hot nursey-type erotic fantasies not withstanding).

    mattb, that Web site is a scream.
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  16. gutless bike....commodore that already tried to shut you out from overtaking....the following event's should've been expected really
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  17. This.

    As well as situation. 2 lanes of traffic means they can get around you if they want to go faster than you and less likely to get upset. Always filter 2 lanes. 1 lane after the intersection and you may annoy the first car.
  18. Congratulations(y) ... in the much contested category of Bestest Link of 2013 'thingsboganslike' :rofl: is gunna be hard to beat.