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Bogan Bike riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. You know those "cap on backwards, shitheap driving" bogans we all love to hate....Well some of them ride bikes to!!...

    And they are probably worse because the very thing that they struggle to show off in their shitheap cars is available on a bike....real power (hp) and a true "look at moi" availability.

    I would'nt suggest for a minute that anyone do anything harmful to them...oh no!...but if by chance you come across one, feel free to jam a metal rod in their front wheel as they rip past...a few less of these arskholes would'nt be a problem for me! :evil:
  2. Heh, something happen today Raven?
  3. ... and the pricks steal the polished cap off your OEM muffler :roll:
  4. with any luck they might start wearing their helmets backwards :p
  5. Not today Spotsie...but I've been generally fuming over these tosspots that I see now and then, and am ready to lash out at a few of them...then it occured to me that these no-hopers are the equivalent of the bogans we see in cars...and that maybe they are the same people and just own bikes as well!... (groan)

    My own naivity struck home with a "thunk". :shock: :LOL:

  6. i am one :LOL:
  7. Yep, all the bogans, ginos, nobs, thugs, baseball cap P-Platers, etc etc, they all have their representatives on bikes too! Out on the road, I'm just as worried, if not moreso, by the danger other riders present to me than that of cars or adverse conditions. Just think of that crash thread that apeared a day or two ago and the guy's defensive and silly response to others' comments...
  8. Watch for their tell-tale body language...it's a dead-giveaway (most of the time) :)

  9. There are certainly some real wackers out there on bikes. Just look at all those troublemaking posers that head out on a Thursday night terrorising half of Melbournes residential suburbs.
  10. It's the posy idiots that insist on parking their shiny Harleys right outside the pub.

    Yes, it makes a very loud noise, yes it's very annoying, no you don't need to blip the throttle with the clutch in...

    they're like bloody flies; only come out for two months, annoy the hell out of everyone then hide back in their winter turds..or where ever it is they go...


  11. Im interested in spotting some of these types.
    What do you look for?
    Is it neons, stickers, clothing?

    What exaclty do they do that makes them bogans?
  12. I'm a Bogan, and I ride :grin:
  13. Nah, it's those throngs of sports bikes. Where were they when there was thick fog in King Lake and rain-washed mud on Chum Creek rd? A sunny day and suddenly they're all out, whereas three months ago all I saw was the odd Beemer or Harley!


    When I was a kid, I did that to my brother with a broomstick. Worked really well!
  14. I sure do and I love it! :woot: :biker:
  15. late model supersports with a rear tires that are so flat in the middle you, you could be mistaken to think the tyre fitter put a cruiser tyre on it instead :)
  16. Seems they are on the internet also.

    Seems everyone has their own idea's of what a bogan is, to me it's also a person that feels they need a dry clutch rattle on the street.

    Hey Sarz, I grew up in Frankston! (Yeh bring it on!) :LOL:
  17. Hey, let's all make value judgements about each other.
  18. Nice Pill Loz