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Boeing assembly line

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jeffco, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. someone order a plane

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  2. There's always one bloody bolt left over, now where does this go?
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  3. Na just whistle as you kick it quickly under the cupboard..works with Ikea DIY ;)
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  4. Amazing isn't it?
    I wonder how old that is...most planes use a side mounted "joystick ' setup these days and not the older yoke type controls.
  5. Side mounted "joystick" is used by Airbus aircraft. Boeing aircraft still use the conventional yokes.
  6. Good vid, but it's interesting to note most of the work is already done at the beginning of the video. The fueselage roles in as a finished component.

    There's a whole video before this and another whole video of the engine build.

    It would be interesting to know what the real time is for this assembly.
  7. We did the tour of Boeing's Everett factory north of Seatlle a couple of years ago, they make their wide body jets here. It is the worlds largest building (13.3 million cubic metres). There is a highway (the Boeing Highway) that runs between the factory and Paine Field (Everett) airport, with an overhead pass to link the two facilities. They had to stop towing newly completed jumbos across this pass during the day as the traffic would just stop to watch the scene.

    If you are ever over that part of the world it is well worth the time to take the tour.

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  8. I'm there!! I was sooo sad when they shut down the airport tours at Sydney...I went on their last one :( you went everywhere, A380 hangars, listened into the air traffic controllers guiding the big boys in, and sat right near the runway for all the long haul departures...ah...heaven. I love the smell of aviation fuel in the morning :)

    I have done the A320 flight simulator out at Bankstown a couple of times...you get to land/take off at your choices of airports...you can even get a CD of you doing it all. Wooohooo!

    Houston and Cape Canaveral are fun as well...w the control room at Houston where the early space flight left from was a buzz.
  9. Hey did you notice all the QANTAS planes in that video barry_mckibarry_mcki
  10. The tour goes for a fair while, tons of facts, like the planes have part payments like building a house, each one of those engines on the jumbo was US$1million, and the 777 engines can fit a jumbo motor inside them. The overhead cranes just fly all over the place. There's even a set of tunnels under the building for service corridores and moving parts and people around. Talking of moving people, the best mode of transport in the building is bicycle.
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  11. They can do a paint job on my bike anytime!
  12. Can't agree more. Did the Boeing plant in Seattle . they stand you on a 7 story building in the middle of the main building surrounded by about 8 nearly finished
    Jumbos. Just the size is hard to comprehend.
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  13. Mate the paint shop is the size of the MCG. They spill enough to paint ya bike just opening the paint cans.
  14. I want to go there now! I love all things aircraft and could become a spotter if I gave into my urges.
    When the wind is howling I often go out to the airport to Kyemagh or the hill near the old control tower to watch them take off and land...love it...
    Thanks JeffcoJeffco for giving me a valid reason to nag to go to Seattle other than the bloody Dandy Warhols! ;)

    It used to be great fu when they let you up in the cockpit.
    I got to sit in the jump seat to land at Athens Airport which was a hoot and I used to always go up to the cockpit on long hauls...loved when flying over dessert areas...surreal. :)
  15. The paint on a Jumbo weighs in at over 500kg, so thats about 250 2lt cans. You'd be able to get the whole Block crew done with the can lids not just Scottie :happy: