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Bodywork on old bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Iondah, May 29, 2007.

  1. I have an old 1987 SRX250 like this:

    Mainly because I can't get a new bike yet I'm thinking of doing a bit of work to fix it up.

    Problem 1: The rear seat cowling (duck-tail) has a crack in it. I can probably glue it from the inside but the crack will still be visible. I found one on eBay but it'll cost me $85 to get it to Australia. - Expensive for a piece of plastic. I haven't had much luck so far with Aussie wreckers.

    Problem 2: The tank has two small dents in it where the switch-block has hit it at some point - one on each side of the tank in basically the same place. I've been quoted $160 for a new tank, so wondering if it'd be better to buy a new tank completely or get this one repaired. I've been told it's possible to drill and pull out the dints then re-paint. Not sure how much that would cost.

    Basically I'd like to get my bike looking nice but I don't want to spend much as I'll be selling it in about 7 months.

    Thoughts, Comments, Suggestions... Thanks! :grin:
  2. I would advise u not to bother

    If u realy wana do it. get the ducktail crack plastic welded, sand out and fill the dent in the tank with putty. sand everything smooth then give everything to someone to spray panit.

    50 for plasti weld (get someone who noes how to)
    20 for plastic putty
    10 sand papers and your time geting everything emaculatly smooth
    130 dollars paint (the good stuff)
    plus 2-3 hours x $50 time of pro paintin it
    then just wetsand and polish at home a few hours 3+ of ur time
  3. When u put it that way it really doesn't sound worth it. :( Might just try gluing the ducktail then.
  4. Bunnings and most car stores like auto pro etc sell cheap plastic welding kits or fiberglass welding kits. That's all you need, but then you still need to fill and re-paint. It would look nice, but is a lot of effort.
  5. If you have a soldering iron you can do it yourself, strip all the paint off the plastic then just melt it back together from both sides.