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Bodylanguage: Saying "Hi" to other riders.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vagrant, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Yep, everyone on two wheels.

  2. Yep, but onlythose on my style of bike (eg Sportbikes).

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  3. Nope, I focus ALL my attention on riding.

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  4. Nope, I am not interested in being sociable with other riders.

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  1. I can't believe the number of riders who refuse to return a gesture - either a nod or waive or whatever here in Adelaide. Is this the case everywhere in this country? Hell, in the country I even nod/index-finger-waive at drivers.

  2. I'll always (if safe) nod/wave at riders on same style bike as me.

    I'll return nods on other style bikes. I used to nod at all riders, but felt like an idiot nodding to myself too often, so don't bother initiating now... unless I'm in a particularly boyant mood :grin:

    I gave a giant wave to a scooter rider the other day - confused the hell out of them :LOL: . They looked around to see who I was waving at.
  3. I'll give a big high-five wave to anyone, anytime, even if it means doing so while cranked over hard with the knee on the deck. It's the golden rule - if you can't relax when your arms to do the chicken dance at all times, you're holding on too tight. Being able to wave to someone no matter the circumstances also lets us know that we're not pushing too hard on the public road.

    If you can't wave at any time, then you're pushing too hard.
  4. sorry, whilst on two wheels i look out for #1. that would be me!

    i give the nod where appropriate.

    i'm not fussed if i get it returned or not.
  5. Wherever possible & safe I nod / wave to other riders, doesn't matter what they're on.

    Had replies from most, even posties & cops.
  6. yep nod to all.....they understand my passion :wink:
  7. Slightly OT, but didn't warrant a thread all of its own... I got my first two nods yesterday. Not exciting in itself, except for the first was from a Harley, and the second was from another Harley type bike (clueless as to what it was, but it was similar to the first). I was a bit stunned because I believe this is not common practice??
  8. I like to try and acknowledge all riders I come across...whether it be a look in their direction, a nod, hand up, or elbow out depending on what I'm doing, traffic, etc.
    I can't see why any rider can't reach out and 'connect' with other riders, or would not want to...
  9. I'll nod to most riders if I can. Don't tend to for cruiser/harley riders though, mainly as they don't return it. I'll wait for them.
  10. I give a nod to most riders I come across. Has always seemed polite as we are part of a fairly small community.
  11. I nod, if circumstances allow, to anyone.

    Picked up a scooter rider doing that once :LOL: :LOL:
  12. being from country sa, i used to always wave and get waved back at, saying hi in the street, etc. but being in the city now for a while, it's very different! no one seems to care about anything, or have time to be nice. i still wave when i head out for country trips.
  13. +1 to that. We all share a type of bond (2 wheels) so why not
  14. Yep, nod to all when able although I get less response from Harley riders and posties. Kev :)
  15. I say 'hey' to everyone....
    except sometimes in the twisties when the road is taking 100% of my concentration.
  16. I give everyone the nod. Cruisers, Sports Bikes, Trial Bikes, & even my postie gives me the nod if im coming home and pass him on the road.

    Its the unwritten motorcycle riders handshake after all. :)
  17. Great! You guys have restored some of my faith.

    Having spent the first 2 years of road-biking in the States, 99% of two-wheelers will wave (95% of statistics are made up too!). Its the done thing. You are part of a brotherhood/family. It also makes it easier to acknowledge other riders there too as you pass them on your non-throttle side, so big waves are quite achievable.
  18. I nod all the time, i often find myself nodding to bikers when i'm just walking around the city... force of habit :)
  19. I got a nod from a police man in a police car. I felt special!
  20. I nod to everyone, bar HD riders, i use to nod to them but they never nod back so just stopped doing it.

    It's only annoying when you go past a pack of riderz...head starts to hurt from nodding to everyone, :LOL: