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bodybuilding & buying gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ibanezboy21, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Anyone here bodybuild? im planning on gaining about 5kgs this year so i dont know if i should buy a jacket thats a bit bigger or buy one that fits now and let it stretch out
    the guy at the store recommended one that fits now in terms of safety but its really tight and i cant imagine myself wearing that when im bigger.

  2. 5kgs.... i've done turds bigger than that!
    get one that fits, and is leather. it will grow with you for that amount of gain.
  3. I have actually been wondering about this as well, I expect to put on 10-15kg maybe more depending on the wallet... was simply planning on buying more of a 'relaxed/loose' fitting jacket. Not loose enough to hide a small child or anything, just a little extra breathing space kind of thing?
  4. nah. nice tight leather jacket. you will be surprised how much it will stretch after a few weeks/XXXkm wear.
  5. haha, i already gained 17kgs in a year, this time im hoping to gain 5kgs of pure muscle, which is going to be hard..
  6. Try a gay nightclub?
  7. yeah i bodybuild. i go to fitness first in sydney tho which is no where near you fellas.

    for me i find it pretty ok. but you're saying 5 kgs .. it sounds alot but "WHERE" are the weight going to be exactly.. where are you aiming to improve? .. thats what u gotta ask ur self.. if its just overall weight.. then u dont need to worry about your sizes.

    me i have small waist but big chest and shoulders so i have to find the right jacket that'll look good and also fit well and not look like im wearing a block of wood.

    atm i am wearing a dri rider "XS" Euro size 46. which fits me tightly and once it is ziped up .. it fully wraps around my body no free movements.. but which can be hard for airflow (for leathers).

    -shoulder protection
    -forearm protection
    -back protection (minimal)
    -chest protection (minimal)

    -if u try them, once its on. jus have to adjust the shoulder pads so it snuggle over you're shoulder nicely and thats pretty much it. and you can also adjust your waist tightness. has 1 inner pocket inside and very handy.
    *i keep a small torch inside :) just incase i need it sometime in future* hehe
  8. Umm, 5kg transfers to nothing if you're actually keeping fit. Get the size that fits you best now, because I guarantee if anything it'll stretch.
  9. k, thanks for posting guys
  10. Oh Smee!!!! I haven't laughed like that for weeks :rofl:

    Thanks ever so much mate :rofl: