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Body position and braking (racers and hanger offs)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by akaluke, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Arghhh..

    What's the trick to cornering, hanging off, being under brakes AND not taking all your weight on your arms.

    I'm struggling when going through a series corners under braking. I can't grip the tank with my knees and get my bum off and my knee out at the same time. So I end up taking all the pressure through my wrists (and of course a not so stable bike results).

    So...what's the sequence of events?

    Let's say there's a 100 km/h right hand corner follwed by a 50km/h left hander.

    As I exit the right hander and straighten the bike up, do I use the straightening of the bike to help me move to the centre of the bike, then start to brake, finish braking and then shift my bum to the left? Or...as the bike straightens, transition immediately to bum-off left and brake with my bum off (can't grip the tank so wrists are taking the pressure)...

    I hope my issues make sense.

    Love to hear how others move from side to side and manage braking at the same time.

  2. Have a read of FLUX's post on cornering in the noon section, pretty good
  3. It depends on how far apart the two corners are, but if one kinda leads into the othe other, then yes...I use the momentum of the bike standing up to swap my arsk into position on the other side. BUT I do not take my upper body there yet. First I get the braking done, and THEN bring my upper body and head across to match my arsk position and properly align my spine inside and square with my hips.

    If I need to trail the brakes abit, then it will be front trailing, and yes, that does put some pressure on the bars through your arms. But as long as you are'nt actually "locking" your arms, you minimize the impact on the front suspension even though it is still happening.

    Make sense?...perhaps watch this video


    ...I am running downhill into this 200 or so degree corner, and am hard on the brakes, even though it does'nt appear that way...My backside is already where it needs to be, so once I release the brakes I just move my upper body across, as I am cracking the throttle open....The second time I take the corner at the end of the video is probably more helpful.

    Hope it helps...and FLUX's thread is a good one to read, as Goz suggested.
  4. only wankers hang of there bikes ,on publick roads
  5. Mate, you seem to be assuming that they are going to be scraping their knees at ridiculous lean angles, leaning off the bike is a valid way of decreasing the lean angle, being a little bit judgmental there maybe????
  6. Don't sweat it mate. I hang off, and drag my knees at ridiculous lean angles on the public road. If that makes me a wanker, so be it. Sticks and stones and all that crap eh? I'm too busy having fun to care what he thinks, so he's welcome to his opinion. (y)

    Back on topic, if I'm hanging off and braking, which really isn't that often depending on the circumstances, I'm using the inside of the thigh against the tank to hold most of my weight, and am hunkering down on the tank which lets your stomach/gut also hold a lot of your weight on the tank. That way the arms can still remain somewhat relaxed and in control, rather than trying to rigidly do a push-up against the braking forces.
  7. Thanks guys.

    I think hunkering down further and using the outside leg to try to hold position might be the key. Practice, practice practice hey.

    Sometimes I nail body position and it feels awesome. Other times...meh. :)
  8. My butt is always in the centre of the seat, I never hang off my bike, I also sit bolt upright,
    I get around corners pretty quickly also,
  9. Yeah, but you're old and stiff, and even bending to put your socks on is also a chore for you too!! :p:D:bolt:
  10. Its true, I've been behind deadman when riding and seen him do it in some pretty sharp corners! Although when it happens those extremely high handlebars of his are almost touching asphalt and his pillion can be heard screaming from a mile away :p
  11. Hahahaha, as if you have any credibility left on here. Nice one Tiprat.
  12. Stomp grip or similar on the tank will allow you to lock onto the bike more by extending the ankle and pushing up into the tank.

    Edit: skimmed too fast. The above would enhance Flux's excellent tip.

  13. Hahahahahahahahaa I like that one,
  14. woops...yes. Thank you FLUX. I completely ommitted that part of the conversation in my original post. I use the V shape created by my outside leg and crutch up against the tank to wedge me in place - The Inner thigh area, as you said...and the gut helps. Most the time I am off the brakes when I tip in, so it does'nt come into play...but that'll happen if I'm trailing the front brake deep into the corner for whatever reason.

    During the braking phase on approach to the tip in point, it's the same thing securing me in place. (but there is also a bit of weight on both arms (for me), which is'nt too good, but I have always had that problem, when on the brakes very hard, which I've had to learn to accomadate.
    Probably old age and lack of core strength.
    Ideally though, in the regular braking phase on approach it's the same thing holding me in place.

    Go back to the Tip, Rat!
  15. i call it as i see it ..so you must be one of those wankers that thinks its cool to hang of
    your bike ,,as i said WANKERS.its no wonder i read every week on here how many net riders fall of or crash,,3 last weekend,iv lost count how many this year...
  16. Would you mind trolling elsewhere. You've proven twice now that the only wanker here is yourself.

    Off and play in the sand pit now with your toy trucks. Ta-ta!
  17. you must hang of you bike to ,,,,as i said wankers hang of bikes,,,, i call it as i see it,you dont have to like what i say... ..
  18. There's no two ways about it Tiprat, there are wankers on bikes. There are those that put their knee out for no other reason but to pose, and those that are beige cardigan wearing grumpy slowbies who can't ride so cast aspersions at other riders, all the while being unable to tell the poser wankers from a genuine quick rider... No points for guessing which one you might be. :)

  19. Your right, there does seem to be a lot of netrider members who fall off. But I suspect they aren't riders like John or Rob, they're more likely to be either those who lack the skill to keep a bike upright or lack the brains to know their limits.
  20. With low set bars I don't see how you can stop taking some weight on them under brakes.
    I find as the front dips I sort of lower my upper body into and off the edge of the seat and consensually relax my grip in the bars and do the push of the countersteer,I am not sure but I think some peg weighting takes place as well,takes some thinking about,its a bit instinctual after some years