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Body Paint

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Danish, Jan 25, 2006.


    She's defying gravity too. That's art AND magic at the same time!
  2. Bwaowwww.
  3. Think i've become an art lover
  4. I've had a close inspection and have difficulty deciding whether there is a degree of shadow or augmentation occuring there.
  5. i think i've just done a sex wee... :grin:
  6. Yes I think they are fake. I love big fake perky boobs (i also love the word 'boobs'). I love fake blondes too.

    I just love the p0rn star look.
  7. ... and then we can see the quality of the brush stroke, the fine attention to detail. The artist has really captured the feel of a baby tee in this piece ...

    (I don't like fake ones, but pictures of fake boobies is better than no pictures of boobies)
  8. Finally something at a Honda display I can actually get interested in :grin:
  9. Yup, im on your side :)
  10. Q: What's the difference between fake knockers and real jubblies?

    A: Who cares?
  11. My favourite maths equation:

    Boobs + big = Yay!
  12. Good to see another bloke who is into a real girl and not a bottle blond with silicon boobs. I just think those perfect, perky little boobs look SO much better the those big round things!
  13. Danish for PM!
  14. I'd never be able to body paint, my hands would shake too much :(
  15. Yeah I think the smaller featured girl is better :)

    Anymore than a handful is a waste, and perky titties will still be perkyish in 10 years time as well :D
  16. Really?! I can't stand that Hollywood, Prostituted, Tobacco Filter, Fake Tan, Silicone Tits, Bleached Hair, Spray Gun Makeup, Manufactured BS!!!! It's like the seppos don't want to believe that real women like sex or something :roll:

    But hey, each to their own :LOL:
  17. Deep down I'm asking myself, "Is she a Replicant?"