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Body Art: Piercing and Tattoo's

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, May 24, 2009.

  1. Has anyone had any mutilation done to them? Any decent designs or holes in unusual locations that they would like to share?

    I hope this works...

    I recently got my eyebrow pierced and my ear pierced here

    Sorry no pics yet
  2. I hate to break it to you, but that's not your eye.
  3. I dunno, they get up to some weird stuff out at Menai....
  4. I think I had 9 or ten penis piercings at one stage.

    Prince Albert, the rest a ladder. I was thinking about going a ampallang, but I was starting to do the piercings myself and chickened out at that one.
  5. lol, i got a few things done, alot of tattoos though, so many im colourful now
  6. Dont you guys have webbed hands and feet as well? They never made gloves that could fit me :(

    I remember when chaser came out to Menai. that was gold.
  7. Hey did that hurt much? Also, where does the other side come out?

    i have my Left eyebrow pierced, then re-pierced 3 times, hav the current hole there for the last 5 years. Right eyebrow done twice but it kept growing out.

    Each ear pierced by urs trully as a stupid dumb teenager using a heated sewing needle ( it worked on Grease, but not in real life ) and hence the wonky holes in both lobes.

    Left nostril had a piercing until i caught a flu and sneezed it out somewhere in Joondalup, WA.

    Had my tongue pierced three times, last piercing smashed through one of my teeth and i took it out ( unco-ordinated Tim Tam accident ) about a month ago.

    Have two tattoos, one designed by my mum on my shoulder blade, the other arabic calligraphy across my lower back. Considering getting another one when i am in a more permanent situation. Maybe more arabic calligraphy, lucky didnt get the ex's name on my arm or something, yuk! Love guys with tattoos, but not too covered, not a fan of penis tattoos.

    My ex husband had a Prince Albert :S, a labret, both nipples and a bit of coral shoved in his forehead. I say SHOVED literally. He was a freak.

    Reason had piercings done a few times over coz i am in the ADF and i keep getting told to take them out, then the hole closes...dammit!! LOL

    The guy at Of Ya Tree in Elizabeth Street Melbourne has horns in his forehead...something to check out LMAO!!

  9. It's just a form of artistic expression. I've got a 3/4 sleeve on my right arm that I've had now for around 6 years. Hardly anyone ever see's it because I wear (generally) long sleeves to protect it from the sun. However, I do and I love it. I'll try and get a pic today.

    Oh and I had a piercing on my left eyebrow up until January. I took it out when I got here (Toronto) because the head punches were starting to swell it up :LOL:

    *edit* Here are a couple of bad shots I just took. - 'scuse the armpit hair :p



  10. So what, you can't talk now? :LOL:
  11. I have my left and right arms tattooed from shoulder to elbow. Ill find some pics and upload them.
  12. Statistically, people with tattoos feel they have less regrets later in life than those who do not have tattoos.

    When you're 60 years old and the skin's hanging off you, you really think you were going to look so good with your shirt off that a tattoo would make any difference to how self-conscious/attractive you are?

    Piercings can be taken out and generally heal up.
    Some enhance the sensitivity of areas to improve 'certain activities'.
    Some people just get a nice little rush from the pain, and want to piss their parents off.

    To each their own.
    I don't have any of either, btw.
  13. in 20 yrs time they will have a cure !
  14. I don't mind jewellery. Ithink it's quite attractive on women. Also it can be an financial asset if you purchase well....but tatts !! I have no idea why anyone would want to permanently attatch a fashion accessory to their body.
  15. LOL, unfortunately i can still talk, much to the dismay of some. I could talk just fine with the piercings in too.

    I think tattoos and piercings are a matter of personal choice for the individual. Not to be judged by others, but just accepted that its what that individual wants on their body and that its their body to do with as they will. If it looks ugly in 20 years time, its their problem. I mean, i dnt criticise others for wearing stupid amounts of jewelery that i personally think looks ugly, but hey, its their choice and it makes them feel good, who am i to judge? :wink:
  16. Goz - you are such a troll, you're full of garbage and I'm surprised
    you haven't been banned and deleted for saying such hateful sh**.
    Now if you haven't got anything non-racist or non-troll to say,
    get the hell out of this thread.

    As for your doubts, fine, you don't go get a piercing or
    tattoo, what other people do to their own bodies is our own
    private business. Maybe if you'd formulated a constructive question
    you'd get a constructive answer.
  17. Anyway, back to the thread. Can only find a pic of my left arm here on my work computer
  18. Dougz nice ink :)

    A well designed tattoo is a work of art. I think they can look fantastic when done well. Piercings can look good too, it just comes down to personal choice doesnt it?

    I have drawn my own design for the dragon I want, just a matter of refining it a little and getting the right person to do the work.

  19. Very against the T&C's comment there Goz.
  20. Panza, nice work! How long did that take to do?