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Body Armour - Off Road Gear - seeking advice

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MelbourneMick, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. G'day all,

    i have been thinking about doing the HART - Off Road Training Course.
    But the only thing they supply is the bike.

    I am considering an road/trail bike as a second bike providing the bug bites me in the right place.
    I have done some basic internerd searches for Body Armour and can already see there is a variation in price from about $20 - $200....

    What do I need to look for in Body Armour or more to the point what do i need to look out for ?

    Suggestions appreciated.

    Also suggestions for boots, helmets gloves, pants etc welcome.
  2. I've been wondering the same thing. Wondering about getting a cheap off road bike to do some dirt roads around the place. Figured my normal gear wouldn't be the go though.
  3. I bought offroad boots, gloves and helmet from AMX in keilor park drive. cheaper than ebay and I got to try them on. They also discounted the discounted price. Bloke was happy to let me try on 20 helmets before I found one I liked that fitted good, then he told me I needed a smaller size, I though 'sure', but tried it on anyway, he was right.
    with armour, I dont wear it, Our son bought the dainese mesh armour top? endod down a hill and the only damage to him was where the armour had ridden up a little on his arm. Bike was not well, his mate said it was the best/worst crash he'd ever seen anyone walk away from, including all the video's.
  4. My gear consists of

    a helmet - O'neal
    chest/back plate - Fox
    elbow/lower arm guards - O'neal
    knee/shin guards - make sure you get the ones with the pivot in the knee, one thigh strap and 2 lower straps (-1 under the knee and one closer to the ankle) - O-neal
    knee high boots - Thor
    knee high socks (boots rubbing under the knee area is not nice) -Thor
    Padded pants (in the hip area) - Thor
    and an mx jersey - Thor

    For Practice sessions I use normal Mx gloves (O'neal) , trailing I used motorbike gloves (Joe Rocket).

    I suggest to stay away from the one piece upper body armour. As mentioned above, you can get more injuries depending how you come off.

    If you go extreme off road, a neck brace might be a thought too.

    Look out for cheap knock off crap out of china. Go to a reputable shop and ask for advice. Go for well known brands, such ad O'neal, Thor, Fox and a few others. They all fit differently too, so don't try to buy into just one. I've listed the brands that gave me the best fit above, but everyone is different.
  5. We use the Fox and Alpinestars body armour and it seems to do the job. Eldest son had a decent off on the weekend and came away unscathed.
  6. I notice that AMX do seel the brand name stuff when it comes to MX gear but are a bit light on for road gear. I might check them out again.... thanks for the tip !
    Good to hear you son is ok too. Sounds like one hell of a stack !

    Thanks for the awesome advice. I see a lot of the ebay gear is from China so that had me suss from the start. Not really looking at doing anything too extreme. Bit old to be joining the Nitro Circus....but then again,.... hahaha
    I didn't think about pivot point for knees either ! Thanks.
    Just one question. Does the chest/back plate include shoulder protection?

    Cheers Meags... these names seem to keep popping up so will check them out
  7. Hey Mick,

    Sorry, yes, the one I use has the shoulder protection - make sure they're fully adjustable so you can wear warm clothes underneath (if you end up being keen enough to go riding in winter that is).


    This is one piece of protection you don't want a cheap version of!

    (Not intended for putting fear into you but)

    Worst case sees you smashing into the bars (or other hard object) at high speed - if you have no name (untested) armour it could break inwards and puncture a lung or cause other unspeakable damage to your chest area.

    I forgot to mention goggles (was on tea break at work typing on my phone :p)

    You don't have to go for the majorly expensive ones (some run over $150) - they all have to abide by the safety standards. Just try to find a pair that has absorbent foam and not the rubberised ones. Nothing worse than getting sweat in your eyes half way through a turn or jump. I just use the stores branded ones - you'll end up replacing them more often then not, depending on how much you ride of course.

    It's heaps of fun. You should be able to find controlled riding in your area to start off with, and then progress to the national parks when you get more confident.

    Cheers, Lee
  8. Lee,
    Thanks for all the excellent tips and advice. Didn't put a thought to warm clothes under the armour. I think the coldest thing I have done is surf in the middle of Winter in Victoria. And I wonder why I am not a fan of the cold nowadays hahah

    Didn't put fear into me at all. That's the kind of straight down the line advice I like. I remeber when I use to ride BMX in the 80's all we did was put a pad around the crossbar and gooseneck. Surprised we are here in one piece today.

    Thanks again !!
  9. Yep, I hear ya! I had to retire my BMX last year - just hurt to much haha!

    Good luck on your adventure!

    Soon you'll be doing this (if you didn't see the vid in multimedia - one of the pack is a mate at work)