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Body Amour? Which brand to buy?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by O_Rider, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    Last Saturday at the learners practice a few people recommended several brands of body armour, with regards to back protection. I've completely forgotten what they were. Could I get some advice on which I should get? Currently I have a rst ventilator 4 jacket with the stock back protector, looking to get a decent one. Advice?
  2. I suggest you take your jacket and go and fit on some protectors to make sure the fit of the jacket with protector on is good. You will be surprised as to how different some of the brands and types feel when wearing. With my racing suit some felt 'too bulky' at the top.
  3. Ok, hopefully with the OP's blessing, let's extend the conversation a little...

    Aside from comfort, what makes a good back protector? There are many brands out there, some way more expensive than others..

    And what features should it have?
  4. Interesting question. Some thought starters

    Suppose the back protector should

    1. Absorb energy of a fall / impact
    2. Limit the backwards movement of the spine (a 8 panel long protector being better at this than a 6 panel shorty?)

    And on a lessor note
    3. Not be uncomfortable (otherwise you would stop wearing it)
    4. Stay in position when riding (ie importance of a good strap system)

    When researching my purchase I stumbled upon a few magazine articles where they had compared the energy absorption.

    http://images.mcn.bauercdn.com/uplo...uct test pdfs/6 jun08 back protector test.pdf

    Not the best since a bike fall involves skidding and bending that was not tested.
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  5. [​IMG]

    I recon you could mod a shoei into that!
  6. I have an AXO air cage,
  7. That isn't even a bike helmet anymore, looks like one of those helmets the bomb disarming squad wears. Surely that can't be real.
  8. I think your sarcasm bone is broken.

    As to back protectors, I was going to get one until I realised I always wear a backpack at the moment.
  9. Maybe Google "sense of humour" for some insight.
  10. Would be great if we could keep it on topic. I'm still fairly new to riding so I don't know what's a joke or not. My sense of humour doesn't extend to that level when it's my life that I'm considering so pardon me.
  11. I have a Forcefield Pro 002 jacket insert. Bought online to fit the dimensions of the pocket. It's thicker and heavier than I thought it would be.
  12. How is it comfort-wise? I'm considering it, not sure if I should get as an insert or not though.
  13. I've got Dainese and Alpine Star inserts in AirFrame and Avant jackets. Since my car got wiped out the Saturday before last I've been using a 20l backpack a lot with no issues from the back protectors - only issue is the strap getting caught on the arm armour putting it on
  14. My point is my backpack would do the same job as the armour.
  15. Not going to disagree - a long time ago I got rear ended on a pushbike riding up Gladesville Bridge in Sydney by a car doing 80ks and walked away (sorely) - I think my backpack helped a lot (and no helmet of course).

    But I'm sure the armour makers would claim their product does better ;)