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Bob's off on w/comp so beware :-)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Yup me got some time off thanks to a rouge 'inch rattle gun', and a bolt that jammed when half out.
    So I'm on happy pills nursing a severely sprained right wrist and torn ligament in da elbow. Which means no riding for a week or so either :(

    With the 'happy pills' my posts may become more frequent and possibly weirder than usual.
    You have been warned :rofl:

    At least I'll still get basic pay, but no 7hrs OT a week is guna hurt some :(
  2. And to get the maximum trippiness, just pop a light beer before you log on to netrider :twisted:
  3. Bad luck Bob. I'm sure someone up there will volunteer to ride for you :LOL:
  4. You can ride pillion with the lovely Nadine
  5. I've inquired about that and she said something along the lines off :
    " NO WAY ! your groping is only half disabled, so unless I can break your other arm your NOT getting on a bike behind me!"

    :rofl: :smileysex: :eek:wned:


  7. You will have to "knock the top off it" with your other hand.
  8. make sure you dont go riding when on compo, especially a 600km day trip to meet the canberra guys, to head out for a "cotter loop" :LOL: :bolt:

    as loz said;
  9. Bloody hell Joel. If he was working for a slave driver like you, he would be on the one handed shovel.
  10. it's just a flesh-wound! :rofl:
  11. Righto. Put him on the compactor then. Teach him how to use a vibrator at least.
  12. But doesn't that constitute an 'affair' using the other hand ? :tantrum: :jerk: :rofl:
  13. No Bob. After 100 strokes, the workshop manual says "change hands". How you make it last that long I dunno. Think about dead babies or something.

  14. :LOL: don't mention bloody compactor's, it was removing a diff on one of these 35ton F****rs that buggered me up :evil:

    Ps: Vibrators are no problem I fix at least one of them a week :p

  15. Of course, sorry mate. I forgot that you have the Coffs Harbour sextoy shop.