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Bob's new toy

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Well it's finally here, just spent the last 4 days down in Sydney helping to get it at least mobile enough for the drive to Coffs. Now I just got to play with the internal setup so its more user friendly. :? :LOL:

    It's got everything an on site heavy plant mech needs.

    110cfm compressor
    400amp welder/generator
    Hydraulic work bench ( what an idea ) :cool:
    Full set of oil pumps 10ltr min eng oil / 25ltr min trans oil @ 60bar to force feed/bleed the new Hydraulic transmissions.
    1000 ltr oil capacity
    used oil tank/hoses with reversible pump ( no more mucking around with 20ltr drums by hand )
    3 ton palfinger crane
    plus all the usual tools needed for onsite work.

    sure beats the little Rodeo I've been using for the past 4 months


    Externally all she needs is a few more flashing beacons and some sign writing! Now watch my work load increase, esp since as of 1st Nov we take over CASE Australia for service and sales ! :?



  2. Very nice, you're going to spew when that nice new paintwork starts getting scratched :p.

    So what sort of machinary are you doing?
  3. Wow bob, that would have set you back a few pennies! Looks awesome though, just think of how many bikes you can repair now with that thing and all its tools :LOL:
  4. Can anyone say 'support vehicle'?

    Looks great Bob.
  5. Atm its all sizes of single / twin drum ( pad and smooth ) + multi , road rollers and soil compactors specifically Caterpiller 815 and 825's .

    But as I said the company I work for has just bought out Case NSW, so looks like Im back into excavators / backhoes etc etc.

    If yah want to know more look here

    Ps: it took me about 2 hrs this arvo to work out how to lift the VTR on and off with the crane, and secure it for when I do my monthly week away service calls :twisted:
  6. My ol man does very similar work to you, Bob. Works for komatsu in Latrobe valley, mostly heavy mining and forestry equipment. Similar spec truck to yours (not sure bout if he has a welder tho), just 4wd :cool: