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Bob's doing Melb/Syd via

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Hey guys/girls , i've finally decided on the route to syd this coming Monday and it should be fun :twisted:

    Berwick - Foster via Bass hwy
    Foster - Sale via Gippy hwy
    Sale - Cann River via Princess hwy
    Cann River - Bombala Via Monaro hwy
    Bombala - Narooma Via Monaro/Snowy mtn/ Princess hwys
    Narooma - WaterFall Via Princess hwy
    Waterfall - Padstow Via 'nasho' park :twisted:

    1015k inc twisty bits :twisted: :cool:

    A good days ride !!! :) :cool: :twisted:

  2. Hey Bob, do yourself a favour and turn off at Orbost onto the Bonang Hwy. You will not regret it! Much better than the Monaro,
  3. Yeah I considered that , but not to keen on the unsealed sections with a bike that is going to be carrying alot a gear, plus I gota be wary of the 180 fuel range on the VTR as well :wink:
  4. Only 20km or so is unsealed and it was in good condition in September, anyway have a great trip and maybe I'll see you in Sydney :grin:
  5. Orbost to Bombala is just a smidge over 160km, and there's fuel at Delegate, which is, ummm, 30km before Bombala.

    The two unsealed sections are a piece of piss; the 9km of fine gravel in the twisty section is a bit tricky if you do it in the wet, as we did the other week, but the 11km of dirt across the high plains is an easy 120kph all the way.

    Further serving suggestion...

    ...instead of turning left out of Bombala and going down Brown Mountain, go straight, and take the Mt Darragh Rd down the ranges to Wyndham, then chuck a left towards Candelo and Bemboka.
  6. Have a GREAT ride, Bob, and give me a call when you get up here, love to meet up with you again, and show you some of the great roads up here,

    Ride safe....
  7. Agreed. Did it a few years ago with a fully laden VFR ... wouldn't expect you'll have any probs with this if you decide to change your route Bob.