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BobJane T-Marts Elizabeth St, Tyre repair

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by miks, May 23, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    First of all, was wondering if this place deals with puncture repairs on motorbikes, if so, has anyone ever had experience with them, and how much would they charge?

    I'm talking about the internal "mushroom" plugs by the way.

  2. They also offer a netrider discount so I'd say you are in good hands there.
  3. So I'm assuming by you saying that I'm in good hands, they do puncture repairs on motorbikes with internal 'mushroom' plugs?
  4. Yes they do
  5. Thanks a million mate, will visit them tomorrow morning. Do you by any chance know how much they charge, for dismantling, plugging, and putting it back together?

  6. Nope I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the cost but if it's a fairly easy repair you'll see between 40-60 bux which is what I paid for a repair a few years back at Pablos
  7. yes i have an experience with them. After a tyre change , next day went on a corner and the tyre nearly came off. Took it back result: they did not seal the bead properly.
    never went back.

    Lucky i dont do motorbikes there.
    MCA in Liverpool do a free tyre change is you buy their tyres. Good service!

    aha just noticed (Melbourne Elizabeth St)
    I thought Elizabeth st in Liverpool area NSW
  8. Hi guys.
    Anyone know what's happening with this store? There's a sign on door saying that they are closed indefinitely.
  9. Rob left and they cant find anyone to run the bike side of the store so it's sort of closed until they find someone to run it again. 8-[
  10. No wonder I've been overwhelmed with adhock puncture repairs, from new customers lately. And they all want it done yesterday.
  11. Thats because they want to ride today, and the puncture was yesterday,Hahahahaha
  12. that explains many a thing ... :beer: