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Bobcats or similar - afew questions

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by L0Ki, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. G'day.

    Got a brother in law who wants some landscaping done in his backyard. And basically needs a bobcat or some other similar device that is capable of leveling off a backyard that is a little uneven and cause flodding.

    So the plan is to install a retaining wall at the back of the yard and turn in into a garden bed sortof thing.

    So whats required to use a bobcat, do you need a license?

    Does anyone know where and how much it would cost roughly to hire one for 2 days on a weekend?

    Reason for the DIY approach is the quote of $18K which they thought was a bit steep.

    Thanks for any replies.
  2. yes, you need to have a (bobcat) skidsteer ticket. the course ranges from $900 - $1800 depending on whether you go for the bobcat, frontend loader etc. combined ticket. but $900 is the cheapest.
    ~$1000 a day, plus bond & hourly charge
    heh, nice pun :LOL:
  3. I have seen these at kenards ,give them a call to see if you need a licence.


    Then click >>>earth moveing>>> mini loaders.
  4. oh bugger.

    Isn't there something smaller that you can stand on the back of maybe. Might have seen somethign similar on better homes and gardens?

    Is there anything that'll do the job that you dont need a license to use, except offcourse using shovels etc.

    EDIT: Just saw your link sleddog. Thanks will check it out.
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  6. You need a Dingo...

    On the kennards website it says "In some states you may require a skid steer licence to use the bucket attachment, but not for other attachments" Give them a call and ask them..


    As Joel said you need a licence for a Bobcat so rule that out.
  7. Great minds think alike hey Joel.. :grin:
  8. yep :cool:
  9. +1 with the dingo, got a neighbour who has and old one with a bucket, probably would lend it for a dozen or two bottles of wine (if you were in melbourne). He only really uses it when the freak melbourne rain washes his driveway down the hill.
  10. My pappa used to sell these :grin:

    After he had one himself for years with his own business.

    It'll do the trick :)

    There's also kanga's which are a bit smaller to get into smaller areas. Pretty much every hire place has one or the other now :)
  11. You need one of these


    Photo title is "A Dingo's got my baby"