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Boating & Fishing Netriders - A warning.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Yet another stupid grab for cash by the Brumby vigilantes.

    The law is in Victoria is that you don't have to wear a life jacket if your boat is over 5m in length except if you are the only person in the boat.
    So here is what's going on.

    A few people go out in a +5m boat fishing and return to the ramp. Naturally all get out of the boat except the driver when it comes time to manouver the boat onto the trailer...this of course leaves the driver alone in the boat without a life jacket. Even though the boat was tied to a pontoon/semi floating on the sand as soon as he moves it to retrieve he will still be fined.
    And people are being booked even when they are lauching their boats for not wearing life jackets.
    This has been happening at ramps on the peninsula over the last few weeks and it will prob get worse over the summer.
  2. So whens the next state election?
  3. Whats the point. The idiots will vote them back in :roll:
  4. If there was an effective opposition this may not be as assured.
    But Ted Baillieu and friends aren’t really providing an alternative at the moment.
    Seriously he is the most impotent politician I have ever seen
  5. have you seen him?
  6. I would rather have Brumby than another Silvertail Liberal.
  7. This is why I bought half a dozen of those very light and almost totally unobtrusive inflatable life jackets.

    They meet regs and you can leave them on all day hardly even noticing you're wearing them.

    The revenue raiser that was going to book me saw mine AFTER I turned around and looked annoyed.

    I just looked smug :LOL:

  8. I'd fight it. Thats not the spirit of the law.
  9. Just going off topic for a moment but didn't our labour leader Mr. Rudd, the champion of the average aussie worker, go shopping for a holiday home for about 4 million recently ?? It's good to see he's in touch with the average aussie battler... :roll: :roll: :roll:
  10. Ha! Yeah, your mate Brumby had a tough childhood, that's for sure :LOL:

    You crack me up.

  11. Whooooops, sorry I got that wrong.
    It was only a 3 million dollar holiday home. Soz.
    Say, Kev is really one of the blokes after all.....
  12. Fair shake of the saucebottle 2up, he's just trying to find a place to look after his working family.

    Surprised the Labor marketing execs let that through the filter.
  13. Given that it's one of Brumby's laws, I'm sure that this is the spirit he intended. fcuken crazy are Brumby's new life jacket laws. There is nothing to them but revenue raising. The lack of speed limits on the water meant he had to look at other meaningless ways to empty our pockets while on the water.
  14. Get in yer tinnies and blockade a port.

    Delaying half a billion tonnes of oil/coal will get you heard for sure, boaties.
  15. I honestly don't understand people getting all pissy about wearing a jacket.

    You wouldn't ride a motorbike without a helmet but you'll drive a small boat without a PFD?

    Some of you lot sound like the No Helmet Law Reform Organization complaining about the new motorbike helmet laws (in the early 80's) :LOL:
  16. ZRX, I believe, considering the fines are being issued while the boat is being parked or maneuvred into/out-of a still water way, the direct comparison would be:

    Police can fine you for not wearing a helmet whilst wheeling your bike out of the garage to warm it up in your driveway.

    Would that be ok?
  17. Really? I dont even know the name of the state opposition leader... which sucks because if only half a dozen words came out of his mouth, he would win the next election.

    Was the same as the last election, noone wanted to re-elect morris iemma, but there was no one else to vote for. that last opp leader was more of a muppet than iemma was. Iemma's campaign was weak as piss "There's more to do but we're heading in the right direction", a joke if there ever was one. All the bloke had to do was say "I'm [insert name here] and I'm running against Morris Iemma" and he would have won.
  20. Not quite, a more accurate comparison would be -:

    You have the motor running and you are walking beside the bike on the footpath (maybe the footpath is heading uphill) but you are not wearing a helmet.

    Is it fair to be booked for not wearing a helmet?

    YES, you are still in control of the vehicle (or vessel).