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Boat / PWC License

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kyro_02, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Sup, I have my Boat license.. anyhow.. at the time I didn't sit the test for my PWC because I thought it would be another 32 questions etc.. but I found out its only no more than 15 theory written test.. . I am wondering if ya'll can help me find the .PDF files for the PWC book on vicroads or the marinesafety site... I know there was one for the Boat License but I can't find that one either... I had a boat license book but for the life of me.. I cannot find it!!

  2. I know you can get the book from Vicroads and often from police stations.

    I have one here if you want to travel to the northern bubs to collect it, but I'd guess you have a vicroads office a bit closer. :)

    Do you own a Jetski? Is the PWC endorsement any use to you or do you just want it? Asking out of curiosity cause I considered it when I got my boat license but figured it was kinda pointless to pay extra to drive something I don't own. It can be added to the license any time you decide you need it. :)
  3. From my recollections, it is the last chapter in the Boat license book.

    If you have that book, then it is in the back.
  4. Yup, that's correct. In the current book the PWC section is the last chapter.
  5. cheers, well I would do the travel to northern 'burbs if I had a motorbike, I think I can recall .. it was not the boat booklet I bought, but it was the L/P motorbike book.. lol, I just did the Q's / A's on the vicroads & marine site for my boat license.

    Well, I want to get my PWC so in the future I can just go out and buy a jetski or a boat, and another thing is.. I believe the Licensing system is only getting harder.. so I better get in before the regulation makers think of any more bright ideas.. :p
  6. I dont think it's on the Vic roads web site, it's not a Vic roads publication, thery just manage it for marine safety Victoria. and guess what, there web site is down.
  7. lol I was gonna ask what the hell was goin on.. but yeah its down :?
  8. And the ridiculous thing is if you go all the way and get a Masters ticket you still need to sit the PWC test!

    MSV site is back up (very slow). The PDF's you need are here
  9. I remember thinking the same thing when I got my boat licence, then found out it was only a few more questions and decided why not?

    Still havent ridden a PWC since,

    I am waiting to be at a beach somewhere, and someone saying if only you had a licence I would give you a ride of my PWC,

    To which I reply "funny you should mention that" as I reach for my wallet
  10. some reason that didn't work :oops:

    cheers exactly what I was after ! time to book my test next week :p

    hehe yup or could always hire jetskies ? :)

    do they give you a seperate license or they combine it to your boat license ?


    just reading over the PDF 'book' for the PWC (thankfully its' only 19 questionnaires, but also thankfully I only have to answer 13 out of 15 correct to pass... peace of cake, I just "mastered" the distance for ports, other pwc's, divers etc.. -- confusing but i'll get it sunk in to my head. :)
  11. It is the same as your boat licence,

    There is an "Endorsement type" field in which they put PWC, not that
    i have any idea how to ride one,

    But how hard can it be?
  12. well if someone can ride a bike i'm sure it'll be just as easy as riding a jetski :)
  13. And hurts a lot less when you fall off!
  14. Wrong, may be one of the poofy sit down PWC's but not a jetski, here reasonably easy to just scoot along on once you have the balance worked out but not as easy as you might think.

    Dont bet on it :? it's amazing how hard water is at speed, and when were riding out in the surf theres plenty of trouble you can get in to that ends up in bruises and broken bones :p
  15. Like woodsy said ,they can hurt you when you come off at 120kph :shock: .
    Also if you havn't got the right gear on {the word "squid" makes more scents here. :LOL: } like a wet suit ,ladies and guys can get a instant enema. Thats not a joke. :eek: . Go sit on a fire hose at full power and see what happens.
    :cry: :wink: :shock:

    I was really really into PWC's ,there a heap of fun and easy to ride after about 5 minutes ,on a sit down ski. Ride one doing 120kph or jumping 6 foot waves, or on a race track with 10 others doing 80 kph and your can't see from all the water ,your blind ...there not pooofy. :wink: .

    I have owned sit down and stand up skis there both fun to ride.
    I gave it up ,because there are to many d%&kheads brakeing all the rules and getting the social riders bad names ,and getting us ban from waterways, I would get pulled over by the police or waterways 3-5 times a day just for a rego and licence check ,REALLY.
    :roll: .
    But it's just like most sports ,there are good riders and the people that stuff it up for the others. :mad: .
    I had a yamaha 3 seater ,it had a 80L fuel tank ,ended up about $100+ to fill it up ,and just got to $$ to ride.
    We would leave the boat ramp at 9am and not get back till 5pm ,really get out on the water and go places ,not just around and around the boat ramp :roll: .
    My kawai 650 stand up was cheap ,payed $2000 second hand for it and cost only,$30 a day to ride ,just to much hard work for me. :LOL: .
    Even though when I fell off ,it would stop and do a U turn and come back and get me. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    You should check out ozpwc.com ,it's just like this site ,lots of good info and very friendly ,you get alot of the right info and things to do and know before you get on a PWC ,just like a motorcycle there are fun ,but not a toy.
    Heres some of my old pictures.

    Ride smart ride safe.

    Sled. EX new rider liaison Australian PWC Association :)
  16. Luv jet ski mmmmmmmmm like bikes, hopefully get some in on the trip to the states a mate has a new yammy pwc :cool: