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Boardie Rash. What to do?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ljiljan, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. I've developed a pretty bad rash on the back of my knees from my board shorts while in the surf. While riding, particularly in this weather when back of the knees gets hot and sweaty, it's very uncomfortable and distracting. Any hints or tips on how to deal with it?

  2. Pawpaw cream.
  3. give up surfing or wear budgiesmuglers
  4. spoonfull of cement and

    hope this helps, cheers
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  6. Moisturiser? :p.
    Dont surf for a week?
  7. Boardie rash or board rash? I never heard of anyone getting a rash from their shorts while surfing.

    If I don't wear a wetsuit (I normally do here in the bool) I get shocking board rash on my chest so have to prevent it by wearing a rash top. I still get a bit of rash on my knees while paddling but it's not so bad. If it's bothering you then you should be able to prevent it by wearing a wetsuit with long legs or a pair of long lycra pants (skins or bike long bike pants without padding).

    Do you ride home in your shorts or kevlar pants? When you get damp/sweaty, kavlar will cause an extremely painful rash that can also be avoided by wearing lycra pants underneath.

    If it's genuinely the board shorts that cause the rash then a shorter pair of swimming shorts should fix the issue. Most swimming brands make swim shorts that don't reach the knee but will keep you from getting sunburnt too close to your bum.
  8. Sorry, just re-read and you said back of the knees so probably is the shorts causing it. Go get some shorter legged shorts. :)
  9. pawpaw ointment or 1% cortisone cream
  10. Sharks see me and run away.

    Shorts, just for mucking around at the beach. If I'm on the board im in the springy and typically at a reef break.
  11. Vasoline. Works on everything.

    Being a former runner of pretty crap form, you get the same thing on your nipples as a male when running. Sounds a bit queer, but the old vas stops your nips bleeding! Vas it up, no more bloody nips or in your case no board short rash.
  12. Scabs on nipples hurt like a pineapple up the ass.

    I had thought about vaseline but also thought in the environment of behind the knee on a stinking hot day, it'd just turn to liquid. Considering I work in a pharmacy, i might grab some cortisone and pawpaw ointment.
  13. Vinegar or metho. The burning sensation is much less uncomfortable and distracting than the itching.
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  17. pawpaw cream is the stuff
  18. Napi rash cream. Apply some before you go out surfing too. It stays on better than anything.
    Wear looser boardies or shave the back of your legs ya big gorilla
  19. Tube sock just some small bits for the knees I wear it when I paly cricket to stop the pads rubbing
  20. calmosopene (?SP?)

    3B is the greatest for Chafing, maybe try some to see if it helps the prevention of it.