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BNE saturday 7th

Discussion in 'QLD' started by TheForgotten, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. anyone up for a game of corners??

  2. Where at? Bris Vegas? How are you at chasing rubber chickens?
  3. yeah brissy/gc doesn't matter much to me, i just have to ride before i hurt someone

    chasing chickens could be fun, depends how far you're headed
  4. a group are going up glorious that morning, hampo, sheepy, and myself for coffee, so may go home or continue on loop if interested. Will be an early start
  5. I'm keen, as long as no-one minds a scrubby noob taking his sweet time through every corner?
  6. I'll be keen. Maybe a Brissy run? Hampo's coffee run starts at 630 to the tea house on Glorious, can easily hook up with ya after once sufficiently caffeinated, 830-9?
  7. 6.30's too early to drag my cubs to a babysitter. i would suggest meeting up there @8.30ish but i don't know the way
  8. Whattabout The Gap or Samford?
  9. can do either.
    but would you wanna come down to the bp then go back up again??
  10. ha! well said!=D>
  11. Count me and Stretch in. Just remind me a little closer to zero hour because I have a head like a ... one of those things, you know?
  12. I reckon you'd fit in just fine. :)

    I'm happy to come back down to the Gap, hopefully Ben and Hampo will come down too and check out Stretch in all his glory. Ha.
  13. Hmm let me think about that for one second, hmm refuel and go back up.

    as per taking it slow on corners , its not race, just do your own thing, we normaly stop on major turns any way so dont sweat it.
  14. i'm tryin to work on a map but my gooooogle skillz are letting me down
  15. The more the merrier! It is a challenging road - it is very important that you ride your own pace. Do not take it as a personal challenge to keep up with blokes who ride this road 3 times a week because there are a few corners up there that are incredibly deceptive and dangerous. Unless you know the road a little bit - don't ride beyond what you can see, and don't presume that innocent looking blind left handers are meek and mild, because some of them have big teeth indeed. The road is safe enough, as long as you never forget that simple rule - don't ride beyond what you can see.
  16. Add me to that list.

    Was going to head out to meet stretch on the weekend but report come in about pool fence at our rental so spent whole weekend building fences.

    I am a newb by all standards as well, so I will hang back with ya!

    If its an early start, I can probably manage a few hours. I will watch this thread with bated breath.
  17. Sounds good. Also watching thread closely.
  18. I'd also fit into the "riding slow through corners" category.
    I take my sweet time....

    Sounds like fun, hopefully I can make it.
  19. i love it how just about every post is people talking in code
  20. Will check with the boss at home, hopefully get a "good to go" as she usually do wake up untill noon. Haven't been out since last group ride >_<