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QLD [BNE] Free - leather jacket - rjays - size 54 - GONE

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by boars, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. Pickup only*.

    *North-west 'burbs or CBD (CBD only if you're sure you want it and know it's your size - don't want to be riding it around the country side for a try on session!)

    Please note: this is a repost from OCAU MC - had some interest there but no follow thru... am leaving it up there also - hope that's ok mods? If not, please let me know and I'll remove it from OCAU MC - since it's gone nowhere there.

    It's ~10 years old, has been worn literally a handful of times and has spent the rest of it's cushy existence in a box, packed away in a cupboard. No wear, no issues at all other than the fact it's never fit me

    I could probably ebay it for something but really... it probably cost me somewhere between $100-200... ~10 years ago... so... heh.

    If you're feeling generous throw me a beer or two... not required tho, would just like to see this saving someones skin rather than sitting in a box.

  2. What sort of build would this be aimed at? Heavy/stick-thin/etc. ? Does it breathe at all?
  3. Probably best used in the depths of winter haha Certainly not what I'd think of as a summer jacket, at least in Brisbane. Quite thick? I'm not exactly highly knowledgeable in leather jackets, sorry. I can tell you it has Nylon/acetate (each 50%) liner and polyester filling. Wouldn't imagine it'd breathe too well.

    Thicker than my current Rjays jacket that has mesh lining, that's for sure. Current jacket is too hot in summer... so can only imagine what this one is like.
  4. Would I be welcome to come try it on?

    Not sure what size I am (aside from 2XL, not sure how that converts)
  5. Sure can, tee up a date and time, lock it in and I'll hold it for you... then if it's not good open it back up to anyone else.

    Let me know soon tho - Giving you 24 hours to get back to me...

    Will also shoot this to you in a PM along with some other details such as area/contact.
  6. Holding onto this for 176OES - will post if it's gone or otherwise tomorrow night.
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  7. And mine!

    Thanks again Will :)
  8. Was nice to meet you, hope the jacket serves you well!

    Feel free to lock this thread mods, nothing more needed here :)
  9. Hi Boars, I'm a size 56 and would love to have it. I have a size 52 and it's a bit small on me, with a jumper it's a bit tight so a size 56 would be perfect, cheers
  10. #10 boars, Mar 7, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2013
    Hi Rajon, this jacket has already gone to a new home as seen above. Sorry I don't have another. Best of luck finding something :)

    Now to work out how to lock this thread :)

    Don't tell me, I need two nods to lock threads? Like I need two nods to have a signature to stop those annoying account setup things :banghead:
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  11. Thread Closed.
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