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[Bne] Finally got my first bike!!! GS500

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by gracebeey, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Hi all!

    Finally, after ONE YEAR of waiting, delaying, more waiting for better timing at work, better salary, etc etc. I've finally ran out of excuses and got my first bike! So excited!

    I got a GS500 today - 2003 model with 29k on the clocks. Shiny! :)

    Very excited! I don't have my open license yet, so I have to finish up my QRide very soon (I'm doing another 3 hours tomorrow). I've been overstimulated since I got the bike this afternoon! :grin:

    Give me a month or two to get comfortable on it, but I'll be very keen to do some rides together once I'm on the ball! I'll update you guys on how it goes, and perhaps post a picture or two soon!

    -G- :grin:

  2. heya miss gracebeey.... welcome to netrider :D and congrats on the bike!!!! nice bike from what i hear.. and look good too :) good luck on your qride.... where are you doing it?? i did mine at ProHonda at Rocklea.....
    Bet ya cant wait to get out there on the new baby :)
  3. Congrats :) Those bikes go forever... :)
  4. Hello and thanks everyone !!! :grin:

    I'm very excited about it too! I'm doing my QRide at Morgan & Wacker, in 2hr increments due to work :( so it's taking me forever. But I'm about to do my first 1hr on the road (I think a 130kms journey) next Saturday, then another 2hrs ride on the road (to Mt Tamborine etc) on Melbourne Cup day, then I should be done! Can't wait! :)

    Speaking of which, can anyone recommend an upholsterer or similar to lower the bike's seat height? I'm extremely vertically challenged, and at the moment, I'm on my tip-toes on the GS500 (stock height).


  5. Welcome gracebeey,
    All the best with qride, it is so hard to keep up with qride and the course that is run in vic, so different to nsw.
    Well with the seat height I was the same when I got my gs500f, the bike was set at the standed height, so got hubby to lower it. Maybe someone here can tell you how this is done, Do you have the tool kit that came with the bike? There is a tool in that to do it. And it has given me more confidence now, so try that. I hope this helps.
    Cheers Lou
  6. Say, how much did M&W cost cost for doing QRIDE? I need to go for my big bike license soon, and I can't decide where to do it yet.

    I was talking some guys at a bike shop, and the MG shop in the city came up as a choice of unholsterers. Maybe give them a call?
  7. Myself and my wife are also doing our first road ride with Morgan & Wacker this Saturday (4th November). We are hoping to do our second ride in the afternoon to finish up!
  8. tunaranch

    Morgan & Wacker at Springwood have been excellent! It has cost me $330 for the first 6 hours and then $48/hr until competent - 12 hours all up (hopefully). Not the cheapest but they have been very friendly and knowledgeable, and nothing is too much trouble. My wife and I have started from scratch, so you obviously wouldn't be up for so much
  9. Hi All!

    Thanks for the tips, everyone! Turnaranch, you're spot on with your recommendation. That MG shop in the Gabba has been recommended by a few very experienced riders and bike shops too. But it's actually not the MG shop itself that everyone is raving about, I believe it's a guy that (used to) work there - John Moorehouse.

    My friend tracked him down, he now has his own business - Ergo Seats in Capalaba, so he'd left MG not too long ago.

    I contacted John to get the seat lowered as much as possible (I need something like 50-60mms off). John told me on Tuesday that he'll get it done on Saturday afternoon - take off 30mms and it will cost $50. On Wednesday, I got news that seat was done, 35mms were taken off AND narrowed to help a bit, and $40. Awesome! :grin:

    The guy whom I'm buying my bike from - Mark - is extremely helpful and is just the nicest guy around. He will deliver the bike - with the newly lowered seat - to my house on Sunday arvie. I can't wait!! :grin: