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[BNE]{EOI} DO we want a learner spanner day?

Discussion in 'QLD' started by TheForgotten, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. So I've been thinking for a while now, do we want to do a spanner day?
    I'm not thinking major bike surgery, just giving noobs a chance to ask questions and learn how to do things like oil changes/general maintenance (we'll look into more advanced work later)

    I have a HUGE concrete slab and I'm fairly well sorted tool-wise, I may feel inclined to volunteer my house, and I may be able to coax someone into manning the BBQ.

    Would also be a chance for people to just hang out/meet new people and talk bikes, if they don't need help

    Any thoughts??
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  2. I don't need to attend one - but I'd be happy to help out and I'm always interested in anything that involves dismantling machinery :). The few Melbourne ones I went to were always good, it was only the 3-4hr round trip that made it difficult for me to go to them more often.

    I might even be able to host one myself sometime if need be, of course that would depend on me actually getting around to unpacking and sorting out all the tools I have in the garage.
  3. I am well versed in mechanics, but things I would like to learn is changing tires on the DR and thinks like getting correct chain tension etc. Also happy to learn anything new mechanical about bikes, cause all my knowledge is cars.

    Anyway, count me in!!!
  4. Sounds like a good idea. Like you guys I've turned a fair few spanners before but there's always stuff to learn. Plus a reason for a BBQ is always a good idea!
  5. Cool idea. I'd be up for it too.
  6. I'd be up for someone teaching me the simple things like lubing the chain and tyre pressure and how to be sure I have enough oil, brake fluid and such...at the moment I just take her back to the shop about once a week or so and they do it all for me but I would love to be more independant.
  7. I'm fine on the basic engine and mechanical stuff (oil and filter changes, chain adjustment, plugs etc), but I could really use some help with the suspension set-up and maintenance stuff. It's like secret voodoo magic.
  8. Back to the shop once a week! That must be costing you a fortune. Tyre pressure and chain is super easy. I'm sure someone around here would be able to help even before this meetup gets going.
  9. Sounds interesting!
    Especially since I'm considering a Multi-Day Riding Extravaganza (aka trip to Melbourne) later in the year.
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  10. I am too, Planning a multiday trip to melbourne....

    The shop doesn't cost me anything, they are lovely a Pro-Honda and do it for nothing. But I should be able to do it by myself. I'm a big girl now!!
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  11. Im in...
  12. you're taking the 125 to melb?
  13. You only live once.

    The alternatives are to
    a) not go, or
    b) lay out wads of cash on a rental bike.
  14. Having only gotten back into road bikes, count me in!
  15. Ok
    Sounds like this idea will take off.
    But I need to wait until at least ONE of my bikes is back together (hopefully next week) before I start making solid plans
  16. I'm keen. I probably could figure out how to do an oil / brake flush and change filter, check chain tension ect... But I'd much rather have someone watching over my shoulder... :p
  17. I'm keen, just let me know when.
  18. ok. this shitheap bike went back together a hell of a lot sooner than i thought it would.
    lets start talking dates.
    pretty much any weekend works for me, with exception of this coming weekend, which is too soon to organize anything anyway
    you guys fight it out amongst yourselves
  19. Where in brissy is the venue?
  20. if we do it at my house
    bracken ridge