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BNE - Can anyone recommend a Spray Painter in Brisbane

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Stukky, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. #1 Stukky, Jan 28, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2015
    Howdy folks

    My FJR had a good time rolling around in the dirt in the NT a while ago (tip - don't ride on soft sand) and I have finally decided to get the scratches removed/filled (on the fairing) and re-painted.

    Have no idea who is any good in Brisbane. The threads here are old so reaching out to see if anyone has opinions on who does a good job at a reasonable price :)

    Cheers and thanks!


  2. Peter at Silver Star Motorcycle Repairs does a great job. Not sure I'd call him reasonably priced though........
  3. Great thanks for the info.
  4. ok so I tracked a couple of outfits down on the south side - price was ahem somewhat high with one and the other was ok @ 200 a panel. Apparently does most of the insurance work around the place and would do a "factory" job. Of course the paint is magic and special with all sorts of expensive thingies that has to be mixed specially with rocks from the moon and unobtainium....

    Interesting that it was a cheaper option to buy another genuine platinum plated wing mirror @ $150 rather than get the minor scratches removed and repainted for $200.

    Will post how it went in the next few weeks.


  5. Ok so I found an outfit in Springwood (Advanced Motorcycle spraypainting and Decals) www.advancedmotorcycle.com.au that I took the fairings into for repairs and spraying.
    Got them back Friday and fitted on the weekend.
    Result was quite good, the paint is a little bit darker than the original I think but its hard to tell.
    Service was ok, worst thing was that they lost a couple of rubber bushes but deny it all... oh well - $12 for new ones so not so bad. Just don't appreciate being told that it was
    A. My fault cos I had obviously taken them out or
    B. My fault as if I'd left the fairings on the bike they would have known if they were there or not... yeah and charge me $1000 for the privilege.

    Duh, the only reason I noticed them missing was the quick release screws would not fit correctly.

    To give them credit, they did have a look around and did offer to order some in for me.
    Anyways, its done and all is back together. Overall a good result and I would recommend them.