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[BNE] Byron Bay O'nighter 27-28th (learner friendly)

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Date changed (again), this time to the first weekend (3-4th) of November

    Even though the last ride I organised ending up being just me I shall not be discouraged, so planning on trying something similar for the end of this month. Could always be moved forwards or backwards by a week though, just in case I've overlooked some major event or something.

    Once again the plan is for a very relaxed and (mostly) legal pace, the emphasis being on simply enjoying the scenery and ensuring everyone gets to the destination intact and with plenty of time to sit around talking bikes over a few beers. Since I'll be riding a 250 this is once again a good opportunity for any learners wanting to get out and do some longer distance riding (although if you're on a 125cc this ride probably won't be suitable given the amount of overtaking on single lane roads that's likely to be required).

    Destination this time will be the brewery in Byron Bay, taking a very non-direct route down through the Gold Coast Hinterland. I was thinking something along the lines of this:
    But certainly open to suggestions since that route's looking possibly a little too short at the moment. At this stage just thinking of tacking on a loop down to Ballina and back - but only because I've never been there before and it might at least add the chance to stop and take a few photos.

    Seems to be a few options for accommodation in Byron depending on how many people are interested - and what their preferences are. There is a backpackers attached to the Brewery offering everything from campsites through to individual rooms which looks to be a good option, but of course there are also other options in town within staggering distance.

    Plan for Sunday would be to take a longer route inland, providing a chance to do some proper rural highway kms and ensure a healthy collection of dead insects upon returning to Brisbane :LOL:. Route I'm thinking of looks something like this:
    Of course this route has been largely influenced by me choosing to go through towns with the same name as one I know in Victoria (like Clunes), or past places with amusing names (like Bald Knob). Once again, I'm certainly open to suggestions, especially if I've somehow included a long section of unsealed road.

    Plan would be to get back to Brisbane sometime around 4-5pm, though of course anyone living to the South or West of the city has the option of splitting off early (likewise anyone out Ipswich way).
  2. Hmmm, seems interesting.

    Pencil me in as a maybe at this stage.
  3. I would actually consider riding up for this meet, except I'll be in Melbourne and that's a little too far to ride in a weekend ;)
    Get on board Queenslanders, sounds like fun...
  4. Nah, just get some of those special "vitamins" the interstate truckies use ;) :p

    But yeah, probably should have mentioned that if anyone in NSW or wherever just wants to meet up in Byron that's fine by me. :)
  5. Port Macquarie is roughly halfway - if you organise that (another time) I'll be glad of the excuse to visit the Oxley again...
  6. Was in Byron Bay last Friday, not on 2 wheels unfortunately. What a gorgeous place...and the streets lined up with tourists on a magnificent day !
    Awesome ride. Wish I could join you mate - MotoGP weekend :)
    Enjoy and happy adventures.
  7. Funnily enough I was actually going to make this trip to Port Macquarie. But then it started looking like it'd require a lot of time on boring highways, or some very early morning starts.

    It's certainly down as a future possibility though.
  8. See, I knew I'd end up picking a date that clashed with something. Certainly don't want to miss the race myself so looks like it's moving to the 20th :)

    So now how do I change the thread title? :-k
  9. If you're looking for a bit longer route on the first day, maybe take Beechmont road near Canungra and Tyalgum Road near Murwillumbah, adds an hour

  10. Ill have to check if i can get these dates off work.

    I did the road near Woodenbong a while ago and was one of the bumpiest roads i've ever been on. I hope they've fixed some of it up.
  11. I'm a maybe too. I've got a work function on the 20th so will see if I can escape it.
  12. That Mt Lindesay / Summerland Way bit near the border is great fun, I'd probably go back to Brisbane that way instead of through Warwick

    P.S. May be keen for tagging along on either a Byron or Port Mac trip.
  13. I'd join you for the likely 35 min ride from here to Byron if you were heading down Tweed Coast Road or maybe join you inland but am away that weekend :(
  14. Put me down as maybe. Depends on my work schedule.

  15. i might meet you guys in Byron i only live about 20min up the road but would have to come on the push bike due to no licenses still

    P.S atm the place is crawling with pigs so would need to watch out
  16. Going to have to change the date again, though since no-ones actually confirmed I'm hoping that won't affect anyone. Had something else come up for this weekend, so going to move it to the other side of the MotoGP (or Nov 3-4).
  17. Okay, this ride is definitely on for this weekend (3-4 Nov), as planned/described in the first post. So if anyone does want to come along let me know in the next day or two so we can sort out a suitable meet point/time.

    If no-one's interested I'll still be going. Just means I'll be more likely to deviate from the planned route and possibly push on a bit further down the coast as well as reversing the direction (ie inland on Saturday, shorter coastal route on Sunday).
  18. I'm out unfortunately as have to work Saturday. Enjoy
  19. we should do another one soon i missed out on the last one due to not being able to ride so lets do one say 9-10 feb or any date?
  20. Im keen for this...