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BMW's New (Semi)-Water-Cooled Boxer Twin - Pics and Details

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Wayned, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. The updated engine in (so far) the recently announced new R1200GS, with partial water-cooling for the first time in the layout's long history.

    A good, not very long article with technical details, diagrams and photos, as well explanations of this and that about the new engine.

    Also a handy look at the basic layout of a boxer twin, for anyone who hasn't seen what happens where inside one, as well as detailing the signifigant improvements.

    It looks like a real good piece of work -

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  2. Any reason why one should get an example of the air-cooled version before they are completely phased out?
  3. No teething problems associated with new tech is one good reason.
    I and a few others I know will always buy the current minus 1 generation of any model whether it's bike, car, computer etc for this reason. Let the early adopters do the field testing and buy the 2nd generation that has the initial issues ironed out.
  4. That's exactly one of the reasons I had in mind!

    I'm really sold on the 90th Anniversary R1200R, it looks awesome in black with gold accents (kind of similar to my CB!). I was thinking if I got it now, in two years time (or maybe 3) when they have ironed out any kinks out of the next generation, I'll update then.

    But besides that, I was also a bit interested to know if the air-cooled engine has any advantages over water-cooled if any. Maybe less weight? but also less power. I can also imagine it getting hot during start stop traffic or during hot summer days!
  5. Less maintenance for the air-cooled.
    Stop start shouldn't be an issue and if it is an oil cooler is your friend.
  6. As I understand, the R1200R is in fact oil cooled, not entirely air-cooled. So, getting hot shouldn't be an issue then??
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    Correct, I should have been clearer - if it is an issue then a larger oil cooler can be fitted.
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  8. Significantly less complexity in both design and maintenance. BMW's air cooled boxers are actually pretty neat, cylinder heads sit right out in the airflow, has cooling fins on the block and radiators sitting just in front of the pistons. I doubt there would be any issue with them as long as you don't rev it too much at standstill or do burnouts all day.
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  9. A clip of the motor being started in a GS. That's quick revving for 1200 twin that's made to slug along at low revs. Very impressive. An agressive naked - hopefully a good bit more so the the R1200R - would take a lot of scalps out on the road. The Lo-rider/Custom model with the conventional forks seen in spy photos a while back looks great, and could conceivably be lighter and have a higher state of tune than for GS duties. Either way, I hope they're bringing it soon.

    NAK, the twin-cam update to the current 1200 was only recent, and made for a revvier, smoother ride by all reports (but this new one looks like being fair step up too). A good motor for sure, but I don't really much equate liquid cooling with any meaningful sort of added complexity of bike ownership.

    For all the benefit, I've rarely needed to give much thought to it other than taking a look at the overflow bottle once every couple of months, and replacing the coolant avery couple of years or so, if that. There's a temp readout to give warning of most potential issues, and some of the later Beemer twins seem to make up for the supposed simplicity of air-cooling with design quirks that sometimes mean a lot of swearing and spanner throwing if certain things aren't working right.
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  11. Egads, they've managed to make the fairing even bigger. This can only end in an RT with doors...