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BMWs at Southbank on Sunday

Discussion in 'VIC' started by TonyE, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. For those Netriders who would like to improve themselves :D , this coming Sunday (May 1st) the BMW Motorcycle Club of Victoria will be having a display of bikes on the riverfront at Southbank (near where the Friday night coffee is) to celebrate the clubs 30th anniverary.

    As the largest BMW club (car or bike) in Australia we're expecting a good turnout. Probably up to about 300 bikes of all vintages depending on the weather. Southbank Motorcycles should also have the latest range on display there including the K1200S and the new R 1200ST & RT.

    Bikes will be arriving from 8.30 to 10 with various awards, presentations etc. at 1pm.

  2. shouldn't this post read

    Netriders, please bring your bikes to the riverfront at Southbank (near where the Friday night coffee is) this coming Sunday (May 1st) so the BMW Motorcycle Club of Victoria can improve themselves.

    If I was in town this weekend i'd bring my triumph, but guess you'll have to make do :D
  3. I'll accept that statement only from someone with a decent Bike! In your case it's the DS7 Yamaha. One of my all time favourite bikes despite the gap between 4th & 5th gears. :LOL: Is it yellow & white or yellow & black? (Sorry, I know Yamaha call it gold but it's bloody yellow!)

  4. ah it should be the gold version, but has had a few bits added over the years, including black tank. unfortunately not running at the moment, although the top end does make a nice decoration to the bedroom (had to take it out of the lounge, was unsightly)
  5. I'll look through my boxes of junk. I may still have a workshop manual for the Yamaha DS7/R5 series if you want it. The one I knew was my wife's bike(identical to the one in Mars Leathers).

  6. TonyE, that would be great
  7. Make sure you put a pretty good mark up on them Marty cause you are guaranteed to get a lot of sales there :D
  8. You might sell a few to the GS guys...
  9. Cootant? Oh, the stuff old coots drink. Perfect for a BMW day :wink:
  10. At least we don't need an extra wheel to keep from falling over... :D