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BMW Tow Contractors

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jeffco, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. So I'm sitting at work today watching one of the many tow trucks park in the laneway to collect yet another BMW from the BMW dealership on city road.

    The driver disappears then comes back shortly pushing a BMW bike.

    Didn't take a lot of notice, its a nice looking bike, registered but outside of that they all the same to me :)

    So the towie parks the bike puts the tray down moves the bike closer to tray, I look away for a bit hear a bit of a crash look across bike is now laying down on its right side on the tray of truck.

    The guy doesn't seem to be to fussed at this stage, he hasn't slid the tray all the way back yet so he finishes that jumps down gets some ropes jumps back on top then starts to lift the bike up and strap it down.

    Driver Finishes that then drives off.

    I wander across to BMW and spoke to guy about what just happened but he didn't seem to fussed, showed him a couple of happy snaps but didn't seem to worried about it.

    So if you ever get your bike towed to or from BMW by BMW take photos cause from what I saw today they couldn't care less.


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  2. Nice!!!
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  3. Geez thats pretty unbelievable, its one thing for me to drop my bike and scratch up the fairings, but someone else doing it, especially someone you're paying, is just absurd.
  4. Who's cares its only a BMW lol.
    Would have been funny if it were pushed off a cliff!;)
  5. Actually there's a phone nr in that truck, try ringing it and complaining and see what happens lol...
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  6. Just to put your minds at rest, the bike was in a major accident and being taken to the auctions today.

    All is not quite as it may seem at first, but obviously it's not a good look if you weren't aware of the background. The dealer is meticulous when it comes to customer's bikes and had it been yours or mine, it would have been handled with much TLC.

    Are you sure that the bloke you spoke to was an employee/representative of Motorrad; there are car dealer employees wandering around who wouldn't have the faintest idea about bikes.
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  7. He Didn't say what area he worked in but gave me his name said he would follow it up but I heard nada
  8. OK, that wasn't the initial impression I got from your OP: it certainly got reported to the dealer principal, so maybe you'll get a call tomorrow.

    But what I got is direct from the dealership, so take it as the true story (y)
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  9. #9 Jeffco, Jul 6, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2016
    That's fine I was just reporting what I saw, the bike didn't look to damaged.
    the guy from the dealer Stephen took my name / details said he would contact the motorad guys and get back to me, never heard back


    I'm betting I get contacted tomorrow now to :)